Why did you give up the fight?This woman is a hard character

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As Camila Valieva left the ice in a surprise fourth place finish Thursday, her coach Etri Tutberidze walked over to her side.”Why did you lose your place?”She asked the 15-year-old figure skater in Russian, “Why did you give up fighting?Explain it to me. Why?You let it slip away after the axel.Why?”This was blamed by Tutberidze’s critics for harsh treatment and training methods, both on and off the ice.This approach has allowed Tuttberidze and her skating club, Sambo 70, to churn out medal winners over the past decade.According to Insider, The Russian coach referred to Tutberidze’s athletes as “disposable” or “perishable items,” and fans used the term “Etree’s expiration date” to describe skaters forced to retire at a young age because of injuries.Tuttberidze is 47 years old.She was born in 1974 in Moscow during Soviet times.Tuttberidze started skating as a child in the late 1970s.But her career was cut short by a spinal injury and she switched to ice dancing.Tutberidze’s coaching career in Russia began in early 2010.She joined Sambo 70 in 2014 and has been coaching the Moscow-based club ever since.Tuttberidze’s daughter is Russian ice dancer Diana Davis.Davis was born in the United States in 2003.She and figure skating partner Gleb Smulkin placed 14th in rhythmic dancing at the 2022 Winter Olympics.During his six years in the United States, Tuttberidze lived in Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City and SAN Antonio.Tuttberidze’s name is also etched on a survivor’s wall in downtown Oklahoma City, according to Insider.The granite Survivor’s Wall, a memorial to the 1995 Oklahoma City terrorist bombing, is on the east side of the site of the Alfred Mula Federal Building.It holds the names of 600 survivors of the event.The terrorist attack killed at least 168 people.Tutberidze told Insider news that she was with a group of dancers from the Russian Ice Ballet near the Alfred Mura Federal Building on April 19, 1995, the day of the attack.The group was at the YMCA in Oklahoma City when the bomb exploded.On the survivor’s wall, her name is spelled Etterly Tootbords.(Source: APD News)