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Buying a car, do you have a warranty rate?Or, how often do you do it?According to the survey results, 43% of domestic car consumers have less than 3 years of service in their last car when they purchase more or more cars.And 14% of car buyers decided to replace their last car after only a year.Among them, the proportion of post-80s consumers who buy a new car within a year is as high as 17 percent.However, “car” is a big issue, when consumers make up their minds to buy a new one, the dilemma is whether the used car is still worth much?In the used car market, the term “car retention rate” is very important.China Automobile Distribution Association (CAAMA) recently released the “2021 China Vehicle warranty Rate Report”, ranking the vehicles by class, brand, model and new energy vehicle warranty rate.It is reported that the main reference index of the list is the three-year old car warranty rate, and combined with the second-hand car transaction data in 2021, according to the calculation method of “second-hand car transaction price ÷ new car guide price”, the warranty rate of different brands and different levels of models.To this end, from the point of view of the warranty rate, what is the current market warranty rate is relatively high brand and model?How much does your car save you in depreciation?May as well follow Uncle Zhong driving down the road to have a look.Small car warranty rate TOP 10 small cars, known as the “civilian supercar” title of Guangqi Honda fit warranty rate is the highest, three years of warranty rate as high as 78.9%, leading a group of small cars.Toyota and MINI also held their value well, ranking near number two through eight on the list.Polo, the biggest competitor of Fit at the same level, ranks the ninth, but the three-year warranty rate is only 70.49%, which is far from Fit.The warranty rate of Korean small cars is also good, with 73.68 percent for the three-year warranty rate of The Beijing Hyundai Rena and 48.74 percent for the three-year warranty rate of kia Hwan.Among the TOP 10 small SUVs with a three-year warranty rate of 76.46%, the Jimney tops the list, but the biggest winners may be the Honda XR-V and Toyota Yizawa, which rank second and third.In terms of ownership, Jimney is far less than Honda XR-V and Toyota Yizawa in China. This kind of models can hardly be found in the second-hand car market, and the audience is small.Suzuki’s withdrawal from China’s new-car market has not helped its brand.Three independent small SUVs appeared in the list, including Changan CS35 PLUS, Chery Tiger 3X and Geely Vision X3, with a retention rate of more than 60%.American and French schools are not on the list.Compact cars are still the mainstay of the auto market and are the most in demand and sold models in the used car market.In this level, the three-year warranty rate of Civic is as high as 79.75%, ranking first;In addition, Dongfeng Honda Jiede, Guangqi Honda front fan are also ranked in the fifth and tenth.In the proportion of supply and demand of second-hand cars, these three models have become the most easy models for second-hand car dealers to sell and owners to sell.In the TOP 10 compact SUV warranty rate, Japanese brands account for 7, CR-V first, RAV4 Rongfang second, Qijun fourth, Xiaoke sixth, these four models have a good performance in sales and reputation, among which CR-V is the only model with warranty rate of more than 80%, as the star model of Honda,Its influence has also helped push the Dongfeng Honda brand to the next level.In addition, Mazda CX-5, Subaru Forester, MINI COUNTRYMAN, these niche SUVs are also listed, as the Korean Beijing Hyundai IX35 ranked ninth, Haf H5 ranked tenth, and American and French models once again in the market segment no list.The TOP 10 mid-size car warranty rates are dominated by German models, with Mercedes, BMW and Audi occupying seven places, but most of them are imported models.Among the joint venture models, camry and Accord ranked fourth and eighth with three-year warranty rates of 84.6% and 77.77% respectively, and Beijing Benz C-class ranked tenth.As a perennial medium SUV, Highlander ranked first with the highest warranty rate of 89.12%, far ahead of porsche Macan in second place.Lexus NX and Honda Guandao three-year warranty rate is also more than 80%;In addition, the imported Jeep Wrangler, as an American brand, was listed for the first time in the overall market segmentation list of “2021 China Auto Warranty Rate Report”, with a three-year warranty rate of 73.81%, ranking ninth.In terms of medium and large sedans, imported cars have the highest warranty rate in the Chinese market.Lexus ES three years of warranty rate can be as high as 95.53%, in the list is very conspicuous.In addition, Toyota Crown, Lexus GS, BMW 5 series have a warranty rate of more than 80%, while Mercedes E-Class and Audi A6 models, in terms of joint venture and import status, the joint venture is still unable to match the import.The TOP 10 medium and large SUVs with the retention rate are an interesting segment. German and Japanese brands share the same share in the list, and some products have a high premium. In some regions, second-hand cars can even become financial products.Among them, the most representative models are Toyota Prado and Mercedes-benz G-Class. The 3-year warranty rate of Mercedes-benz G-Class is 104.47%, and that of Prado is 96.84%.Of course, these models are mainly sold in the end market in the form of markups for a long time. If the markups are included, they do not hold their value so well.In terms of MPV warranty rate of TOP 10MPV, Toyota elfa ranked the first with a three-year warranty rate of 117% leading all models, and Vito ranked the second place with a gap of nearly 20 percentage points.In fact, FOR Toyota Elfa ranked the first such results I still feel some pity, after all, if this report had been a few months later statistics, then Lexus LM three-year warranty rate is estimated to be more people top.The self-owned brand GAC Trumpchi M8 ranked ninth with a three-year warranty rate of 72.41%, while compared with the first place, the warranty rate was only average.Pure electric warranty rate TOP 15 to say that in the traditional fuel car market segment, independent brands are not the enemy of foreign brands, which is understandable, after all, people have a hundred years of building the car foundation in this.However, thanks to the rapid development of domestic independent new energy vehicles, most of the electric vehicles in the list of one-year warranty rate are independent models. Wuling Macro MINIEV narrowly beat Tesla Model X with the warranty rate of 85.85%.And BYD Han EV, Xiaopeng P7, NIO ES6, NIO EC6, Chery little Ant and other independent brand retention rates are above 70%.Different from traditional fuel cars, with the sudden advance of new energy technology, electric cars have little competitive advantage in the second-hand car market. The one-year warranty rate of electric cars is almost the same as the three-year warranty rate of fuel cars, which is equivalent to the price of a pure electric car that you drive for a year is equivalent to that of a fuel car that others have driven for three years.According to the data from zhong’s report, Japanese models topped the list of value preservation of small car, compact car, small SUV and compact SUV segments, while in the list of value preservation rate of medium and large SUV and MPV segment, the used car prices of some models of Japanese brands exceeded the guide price of new cars.It can be said that in China, the retention rate of Japanese brands is still higher than other brands, and in the two largest market segments of compact car and compact SUV, Honda has two models occupying the top spot, which can be said to be the biggest winner.