Xining city during the Spring Festival work safety situation stable

2022-05-08 0 By

During the Spring Festival, xining city did not have production safety accidents, food poisoning incidents, drug safety accidents, major traffic accidents and other accidents, the city’s production safety situation continued to improve steadily.In order to ensure a safe and stable Spring Festival for the people of the city, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government made arrangements for security precautions during the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics before the festival. The Municipal Security Commission office detailed tasks, strengthened measures and tightened responsibilities, and issued the Notice on Effectively Doing a Good job of security precautions during the New Year’s Day, Spring Festival and key periods of 2022.The city organized and carried out special activities on production safety, and all counties, districts, parks and units comprehensively implemented various preventive measures, held 44 special meetings, carried out safety inspections 127 times, and handled 949 hidden dangers, effectively ensuring social stability and harmony during the festival.During the Spring Festival, the leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government went to the city operation command center for video scheduling many times, and went deep into enterprises, natural disaster hidden danger points, forest and grassland fire prevention points to conduct supervision and inspection.All levels and departments of the city firmly establish the concept of “people first, life first”, highlighting key industries such as urban gas, road traffic, fire fighting, hazardous chemicals, fireworks, forest and grassland fire prevention and fire fighting, strict supervision and inspection and law enforcement inspection, centralized investigation and treatment of potential safety hazards.From January 31 to February 6, the city dispatched 13,129 inspectors and 3,917 vehicles, inspected 9,587 units and enterprises, investigated and rectified 691 potential safety hazards, and issued 87 notices of rectification.216 fire hazards, 52 geological hazards and 18 river and water conservancy facilities were investigated, and 2,755 buka points were set up at the entrances of mountains and forests. 9,641 vehicles and 67,811 people were encouraged to return to the mountains, effectively preventing and resolving various safety risks.At the same time, the municipal emergency department gave full play to the prediction and early warning and coordination function of the city operation command center, strengthened the monitoring of weather, people and traffic flow, and issued early warning information in a timely manner.All departments at all levels will strictly implement the system of leaders leading shifts and being on duty 24 hours a day, improve emergency response capabilities, and ensure rapid response, proper response, and efficient handling of emergencies.Source: Xining Evening News by Zhang Guojing