Guailing valentine’s Day trembling voice: Guess who I spend the holiday with

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Beijing time on February 14 news, winter Olympics women’s freestyle skiing slopestyle qualification, Gu Ailing first round of mistakes, only 57.28 points.But in the second round, Gu scored 79.38 points, which ensured her promotion, and she happily ate cake to celebrate.The scene cheers, CCTV commentary praised, “beautiful!Perfect!”There are two rounds of qualification, the best results in the two rounds of the top 12 to advance.Gu scored 57.28 points in the first round.Gu was the first to appear in the first few movements were a little error, landing is still stable, the final score of 57.28 points.Looking at the camera, Gu tilts her head and blinks.You can see that Gu Is still very relaxed.But there were plenty of mistakes in the first round, including from France’s Tess Ludd, who scored just 22.13 points.Unexpectedly, another Chinese player, Yang Shuorui, came second from the bottom. At that time, Gu was ranked 10th, which means that Gu had already advanced.Even with the mistake, Gu still advanced, which shows how difficult this competition is.Yang Shuorui’s performance was also expected, but she had a major disappointment in the third prop area and gave up the rest of the match, scoring 18.26 points.In the second round, Gu Ailing was still the first to appear, she took a deep breath, the whole movement, Gu Ailing is easy and beautiful, there is no problem to enter the final!CCTV commentary praised, “beautiful!She slipped out of her normal level. She has a big heart, and the more difficult it is, the more likely it is to explode.Gu finished the move perfectly!”It is Valentine’s Day, Gu Is not idle, she sent valentine’s day blessings to everyone.Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!Now, Gu is a big fan and everyone likes her very much. She is also active on social media. She has a big heart and can cope with outside distractions.For Gu, taking things easy is her way of focusing on preparation.On February 15 at 9:30 am, Beijing time, women’s freestyle ski slopestyle final will be held, Gu Ailing will go for the second gold medal of this Winter Olympics.Original headline: 79.38 points!Gu Ailing scene eat baked bread, the audience cheers, CCTV commentary praised: too perfect source: big picture view