Weili county four sets of leaders visited the line of civilian auxiliary police on duty

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On February 1, the first day of the Spring Festival in the year of Yin tiger, Li Zhonghua, the secretary of the county Party Committee, Muhetal Sidike, the deputy secretary of the county Party Committee and the head of the county, visited yuli Public Security and civilian auxiliary police, who were standing firm in their posts during the festival. They thanked everyone for their hard work for a year, and sent good New Year’s greetings and gifts.Li Zhonghua and other county teams have been to the public Security Bureau 110 command center, town police station Xishuixiang police station, a detailed understanding of the police command and dispatch, joint attendance linkage and service operation, fully affirmed the past year public security organs and all civilian auxiliary police in the maintenance of social stability and other outstanding contributions.It is hoped that in 2022, all the people auxiliary police will keep in mind their original mission, maintain high morale, perform their duties faithfully, continue to maintain good momentum of work, adhere to the word of stability, progress in stability, strengthen the leadership of party building, scientific and technological support, legal protection, innovation-driven, to maintain social stability, escort the economic and social development of Yuli,To forge an iron public security force that can satisfy the Party, be loyal and responsible, and satisfy the people, and to celebrate the 20th CPC National Congress with outstanding achievements.County leaders Muhetal Silk Dick, Gulina Abraiti, Wang Bo, Liu Tao, Zhu Zhenhu, Xiao Gao accompanied condolences.At the same time, on the eve of the festival, county four sets of team leadership on cruise control also brigade, public security bureau public security checkpoint south of the city and the north of sympathy, asked to understand your work and life situation in detail, to stick to the fight in the auxiliary police line of the broad masses of people to extend New Year greetings, hope you continue to carry forward the fine style of work, conscientious, strictly implement the various stability measures, adhere to the party’s absolute leadership,We will adhere to the overall national security concept, balance development and security, and the general principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability. We will take a new stage of development, apply the new development concept, and build a new development landscape. We will ensure that we take concrete actions to ensure security and stability and meet the 20th CPC National Congress with outstanding achievements that satisfy the Party and the people.Editor: Xu Siyu Rector: Zhu Tao Review: Li Xin ‘an