Watch performances, see exhibitions, taste folk customs, Spring Festival holiday around the launch of rich cultural activities to enrich the people’s festival

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Source: – People’s Daily Shanghai Chinese Orchestra folk concert performance scene.File photo: People read books during the Spring Festival holiday at a library in Nanchang, Jiangxi province.Photo by Gao Xinzhi (Photo: China) The Spring Festival holiday just past, various cultural activities were carried out across the country.In the theater and “cloud” to see quality performances, in the museum to enjoy the characteristics of the exhibition, to experience the beauty of folk customs in scenic spots…Rich, high quality spiritual food, make holiday life more colorful.From the national Art troupe to local performing arts groups have been carefully prepared to bring a number of quality performances for the audience, creating a festive atmosphere of reunion, to celebrate the Spring Festival.From February 2 to February 15, the National Center for the Performing Arts will arrange 20 performances and 31 fine art performances.From the second day to the sixth day of the Lunar New Year, many Peking Opera masters led the performances of Mu Guiying in Charge, Red Bristle Horse, Detective Silang’s Mother, Matchmaker and Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang to accompany the opera fans to celebrate the Lunar New Year.The large-scale dance drama “Five Stars out of the East” by Beijing Performing Arts Group reproduces the legendary story of national treasure, the concert of classical love songs by the Chorus of The National Center for the Performing Arts, and the Childhood Projector — China Film Orchestra’s New Year Audio-visual Symphony concert meet the needs of different audience groups.The Beijing folk drama “Family Photo” was performed from Jan 15 to Feb 5 to accompany audiences through the Chinese New Year.”Family Photo” tells the ups and downs of the ancient construction industry in old Beijing for half a century.”The play has a strong flavor of life, showing the vividness and authenticity of life on stage, as well as the atmosphere of The Times.””Said Ren Ming, director of the Beijing Arts institute.In this year’s CCTV Spring Festival, the puppet show Elephants Are Coming dazzled audiences.Zhao Yongzhuang, director of the Chinese Puppet Art Theater, hopes to show the harmonious coexistence between man and nature through the puppet show the Elephant is Coming.On the evening of January 28, the song “Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon” opened the prelude of the “Jiangnan Silk and Bamboo New Year concert” in Shanghai Maritime Pear Garden.The Intangible Cultural Heritage New Year’s Concert was organized by Yuyuan Mall and organized by the Huxin Pavilion Silk and Bamboo Music Club. With an average age of 70 years old, the Silk and bamboo Music Club of Huxin Pavilion and the new Miao Team, with an average age of only 10 years old, conveyed the beauty of Jiangnan culture with a series of beautiful silk and bamboo songs, and sent the audience New Year’s wishes.Online show and play even stage online performance is equally wonderful.The China National Symphony Orchestra has launched the “2022 Spring Festival Exhibition and broadcast Season”. From the first to the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, the China National Symphony Orchestra yunshang Concert Hall will hold six selected concerts of different styles.There are not only New Year’s concert — Ode to Joy performed at the opening ceremony of the 2022 SDI Music Season, the sensational Mahler Symphony No.7, but also national symphony chorus concerts such as the Long March suite and Southwest Music and Painting.Under the guidance of the Bureau of International Exchange and Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the online performing arts project of “Happy Spring Festival — Pujiang Art Festival”, sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau and undertaken by China Shanghai International Art Festival Center, went online on January 31.To the Lantern Festival, New Year’s eve, “happy Spring Festival pujiang, yi hui” selected include music, dance, acrobatics and drama, documentary, exhibition, and other forms of domestic outstanding original works of literature and art, and through in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, west six languages, such as to a global audience art feast in the clouds, comprehensive Chinese original stage art from various angles.”Happy Spring Festival · Pujiang Art Club” is an online performing arts project brand of Shanghai International Art Festival. Relying on rich performing arts resources and content, it gathers acrobatic dance drama “Butterfly”, dance drama “White Snake · Apocalypse of The World”, “Boya Juxian” and other plays.Young violinist Lin Ruifeng with bowstring deduce classic, complacent piano club’s youth folk music players are plays pop music with Chinese traditional instruments, the dancer from home and abroad, and the young students in the art festival dance “limit” of the dance and so on are all one by one in online way, let the audience to feel the charm of Chinese culture at home and abroad.During the Spring Festival holiday, sun Guirong, who has retired, will read books at the library of Nanchang High-tech Zone in Jiangxi province whenever he has spare time.”After retirement, I have a lot of time to read books every day. I really like the atmosphere of the library in the high-tech Zone.”During the Spring Festival, Sun guirong also attended reading parties and concerts here. “This year has been very fulfilling.”Going into libraries and bookstores to read and study has become a new choice for many people during festivals.City libraries such as Lotus Bookstore and High-tech Zone Library have carried out reading promotion activities such as “Warm Spring Festival Trip to Jiangxi” and “Spring Festival together with strangers”. The total number of visitors to the public library in Nanchang has reached 140,000.In addition to reading, many people also choose to go to museums to see exhibitions, go to scenic spots to spend the Lunar New Year, experience a variety of customs activities and so on.The National Museum of China has launched a number of exhibitions, including the exhibition “Ruihu Youan — New Year’s Exhibition of the 22nd Spring Festival”, which covers a wide range of exhibits from the Shang Dynasty to the early 21st century, systematically displaying the history and culture of the tiger from the aspects of history, culture and art life. More than 70 percent of the exhibits are on display for the first time.Mei lanfang memorial jointly by the national museum of China, jiangsu taizhou government hosted the “MeiLan youth – mei lanfang art life” exhibition exhibits physical nearly 400 pieces (sets), nearly 600 pictures, divided into eight units, fully shows the mei lanfang in different historical periods of art creation, let the audience close experience the charm of a generation of master of art and style.Under the theme of “Happy Spring Festival and Comfortable Sichuan”, Sichuan province has carried out more than 2,000 cultural and tourism activities benefiting the people in the Spring Festival, and launched more than 450 key activities including “Public culture benefiting the people”, “cultural and tourism consumption benefiting the people” and “online performances, exhibitions and exhibitions” by combining online and offline methods.Chengdu will hold the 2022 Tianfu Culture and Tourism Festival, with the Sichuan Museum’s “Mountains and Seas as A Guide — Ancient Asian Civilization Exhibition”, the Great United States and Asia — Cultural Relics of Six Asian Countries Special Exhibition “, and chengdu Museum’s “Rich Changchun — Chinese Traditional Wealth and Culture Exhibition” attracting people to “spend the New Year in museums”.The activity of guessing lantern riddles in the wide and Narrow lanes has received 95,000 visitors.In 2022, “Four monsoons of Chengdu Culture · Spring Festival of Folk Customs”, Chongzhou City Literary and Art Festival celebration and Chengdu Street artists flash mob event will provide the public and tourists with performances of ancient dance, guzheng playing, Sichuan Opera face-changing and fire-breathing.Bazhong city folk culture, micang ancient road culture as the theme of rural tourism is favored by tourists.Beichuan Qiang City in Mianyang city launched the folk activity of “Qiang Township Celebrating Spring Festival with Intangible Cultural Heritage”, attracting 144,500 tourists.Cartography: Wang Zheping People’s Daily (February 08, 2022 edition 15)