Real Betis have lost to Villarreal in la Liga

2022-05-11 0 By

Real Betis hosted Villarreal in La Liga at 01:30 BST on February 7, 2022.The game ended 2-0 on aggregate as Real Betis lost to Villarreal.In this game, the attack rhythm is mainly in the hands of Real Betis, 32% of the attack is extremely dangerous, to Villarreal brought no small defensive pressure.Real Betis had nine shots on goal, three of which threatened villarreal’s goal, while villarreal had 10 shots on goal, two of which threatened real Betis’ goal.Real Betis picked up two yellow cards, while Villarreal were booked three times by the referee. Villarreal, who played away from home, were more prolific fouls.In addition to this match, the league today has the following matches to keep an eye on ~ 04:00 Real Madrid VS Granada CF