“Safety” prevention in not “burning”, Enyang District to carry out a large investigation of gas safety risks

2022-05-11 0 By

Gas security relationship, to strengthen the gas use safety, prevent accidents, for days, grace Yang area each related department careful deployment, cooperative engagement, in-depth shopping malls, hotels, schools, residential area and other areas, comprehensive gas safety knowledge publicity and gas related equipment inspection, improve residents gas safety awareness, eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazard in time,Ensure the safety of people’s lives and property and build a solid bottom line of gas safety.On the evening of February 16, Enyang District Housing Bureau took the lead to carry out dragnet investigation and reminder on the safe use of gas of residents in each district, together with the staff, grid members and volunteers of 18 towns (streets).As we have learned, the key of this enter a home to check is pipeline, valve whether private pull disorderly receive, gas kitchen is provided whether accord with safety requirements, connect hose whether overlong, whether exceed use year and other safety hidden trouble to wait.It is reported that on the evening of February 16, Enyang district organized 2646 people, set up 1323 investigation teams, 22 gas investigation and rectification inspection teams, and conducted a comprehensive investigation of gas and liquefied gas users in the whole area. By 24 o ‘clock on February 16, a total of 65,841 gas users had been investigated, with a completion rate of 100%.It was found that pipes and valves were improperly connected in 1024 households, there were hidden gas leakage problems in 28 households, gas burning appliances did not meet relevant requirements in 493 households, connecting hoses exceeded the service life of 1291 households, connecting hoses exceeded the specified length in 3065 households.