Spring Greeting and warmth | Hekou District to carry out “Bring Love home”

2022-05-11 0 By

In order to publicize the family Education Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Women’s Federation of Hekou District organized the “Bring Love home — Send law home, Let children grow up healthily” winter vacation children care service activities in 2022, walking into families, walking to children’s side,Gather social forces to pay attention to, care for and care for children, so that children spend a healthy, safe, warm, happy and loving winter vacation.The Women’s Federation of Hekou District and Hekou Branch of China Life Insurance co., LTD jointly carried out a visit to the children left behind and in distress during the Spring Festival.Of left-behind children in the home on the staff for their to send the goods such as bags, stationery, milk, and the children and parents cordial talks to understand children’s study life situation and the practical difficulties they faced, and told the children to maintain a positive and optimistic life attitude, encourage the children to overcome difficulties, study hard and become adults, thanked his family care and social care.The Civil Affairs Bureau of Hekou District carried out visits and care services for 45 orphans, children who had no one to take care of, children in key difficulties and children left behind in rural areas in the district to find out the bottom, check information and send holiday greetings to ensure that they had a happy and peaceful Spring Festival and a healthy and safe winter holiday.The Women’s Federation of Hekou District Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau gave full play to the role of “mother family” of employees, and established the first government service system “custody class” in Dongying city. The first group welcomed 12 children to join in, which ensured the safety, happiness and significance of employees’ children’s holidays while letting employees rest assured and work at ease.Hekou District Road Business Development Center has carried out the book donation activity of “winter care warm childishness, bathing book fragrance to help growth”.To all cadres and workers issued a love to donate books initiative, the initiative has received a positive response, received a total of more than 200 love books.Hekou District Market Supervision Bureau volunteer service team came to Hehui community to care for children in distress to send warm activities.She sent new clothes, milk, ham sausage, instant noodles and other food to the children of two single parents. She communicated with the children and their guardians and inquired about their holiday life and study situation carefully.Li Chunyan, member of the Party Committee of Hekou District People’s Hospital and chairman of the Labor Union, and other six people came to Hetai community to distribute school bags, school stationery, masks and consolation money to the children from poor families in the community. They also communicated with the children in a friendly way, inquired about their learning situation in detail and encouraged them to study hard.Heyang community, Hebin community and Heyuan community in Hekou Street have successively carried out the activities of writing Spring Festival couplets and banning fireworks and firecrackers from entering homes. Through a series of caring service activities, they have continuously improved the safety awareness of teenagers and helped children grow up healthily.Liuhe Street Women’s Federation joined hands with Hetai community to carry out the “Bring Love Home” winter holiday children care service writing and sending blessing activities.Hexiang community volunteers recently distributed “Family Education Promotion Law — ten questions and ten answers” publicity materials to residents in the area, guiding parents to generally clarify their responsibilities and tasks, understand the content of family education, master the methods of family education, and strengthen the main responsibility of “raising children according to law”.Taiping Middle School, Hekou Experimental Primary School, Hekou Second Primary School, Shengli Hekou Third Primary School, And Hekou New District Kindergarten carry out tutoring and guidance services, send tutors and raise children in accordance with the law, and publicize and interpret the “Family Education Promotion Law” by organizing lectures, micro videos and distributing propaganda leaflets.We will provide safety, protection and care services, focusing on accidental injuries and illegal violations that children may face during holidays, and build a solid line of defense for family safety.In the next step, Hekou District Women’s Federation will continue to start from the psychological needs and growth needs of children, do a solid job in all aspects of work, and actively guide the caring enterprises and caring people from all walks of life to create a strong atmosphere of care and care for left-behind children, so that they grow up healthy and happy.