The comedian line?South Korea has changed the English version of Wikipedia to become the fifth largest country

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It is well known that the UN has six working languages, the so-called “official world languages” : Chinese, English, Russian, French, Arabic and Spanish.The four ancient countries recognized by the world are: ancient Egypt, ancient India, ancient Babylon, China.It can be seen from this that no matter which language or country mentioned above, at least in history, they have made significant contributions to the development of human beings, and even affected the evolution of human beings.According to reports, South Koreans recently took the liberty of revising the English version of Wikipedia to say that ancient Korea was the fifth largest cradle of world civilization and one of the cradles of world civilization.This news immediately a netizen said: “really laugh until the stomach hurts.”Of course, If Korea is judged by the history recorded in China, it might not be convinced.But South Korea has a deep admiration for Western culture, so let’s take a look at the status of South Korea with the global History, which koreans most rely on.The first is the description of prehistoric humans in the Universal History of the Earth. After reading it for many times, it is found that only the prehistoric region of China is missing from the records of East Asia.If it expands to Asia and Europe, only China, India, Greece and Rome will be included. Where are koreans?Then we have the medieval civilization in Eurasia, the emergence of Japan in East Asia, but still no Korea.So where is South Korea?In the General History of the Whole Earth, Korea only appears in the cold War chapters of the Far East, and it is still understated.Just as the saying goes, “If a person lacks something in his bones, he will deliberately show off something.” For example, if a person is poor but can get by, he will excessively show off his money in front of his friends, such as paying extra attention to his clothes.This example is the most appropriate to South Korea, however, it can be seen that south Korean National People’s Congress lack national confidence, but also lack of vision.Otherwise, Koreans would not rob Chinese characters for the Lunar New Year, or even the Winter Olympics food is not good, saying that the Korean ethnic group robbed the Hanbok culture and so on.Many netizens expressed disbelief at the news, saying that Korea has been on the path of comedians since sometime.Another netizen joked: “In my impression, South Korea has only three eras. The first is the era of China’s vassal state, the second is the era of Japan’s colony, and the third is the era of The United States’ control.”Have to say, the user analysis is very in place, objectively speaking, this is the most real embodiment of South Korea, do not know how we think?(Article/Xuan Tsai)