The two sides of mobile phones: What are the possible “negative effects” of over-reliance on mobile phones?

2022-05-11 0 By

With the continuous development of science and technology, mobile phones have become an indispensable item in modern people’s life. Everything always has two sides. Briefly introduce the positive and negative effects of over-reliance on mobile phones.1, can learn a variety of skills.Just as the saying goes, “With a mobile phone in hand, I have everything in the world”, you can learn a lot through mobile phones. Now some online users will share various life skills, and you can choose the content you like to learn through mobile phones.2. Convenient information exchange.Mobile phones make it more and more convenient for people to communicate with each other. In ancient times, people could only communicate through letters, and the transmission of information was also extremely limited. However, nowadays, no matter how far away they are, they can get in touch with each other immediately through a phone call or video.3. Convenient life.Now basically a mobile phone can solve the life of clothing, food, accommodation, line, such as online purchase of their own needs, even if hungry, a takeaway can solve the problem of eating, do not go out on someone sent to the door, online can book tickets, tickets, taxi, hotel.1. It makes people’s life circle narrow.Now people contact basically all is by mobile phone, what’s the matter basically is to make a phone call, family gatherings, marry, heavy these events, most of the time a lot of people with job is busy, or something like reason not to attend, a red envelope is done, make people becoming less and less face-to-face communication.Sometimes it is obviously a party together, but basically they are holding their own mobile phones to play, basically little communication, feeling that everyone is immersed in the world of mobile phones, gradually will feel that the party and so on is not interesting;Contact with a variety of information, a lot of times, it seems that the world can not find their own friends, so that their heart becomes more and more lonely, do not want to communicate with others.2, addicted to the game cannot extricate themselves.You will find yourself around there will be a lot of people like to play games, especially some teenagers, it seems that as long as there is a mobile phone, download their favorite games, you can not sleep, even can not eat all the time to play;Addicted to the game, inadvertently learning, resulting in a straight decline in academic performance;In order to recharge the game, some people find a variety of reasons to deceive their parents, or their hard work to earn money, buy other things are reluctant to buy, but recharge to buy equipment is very generous.3, affect the speed of human metabolism.Now mobile phone function more and more strong, basically can satisfy all you needs, delicate game, wonderful content, variety of novels, video, WeChat, qq chat software, make people’s lives rich and colorful, a lot of people need to work and study during the day and night was supposed to belong to the rest of the time, but all will be used to play with mobile phones,Few people’s life is regular, long-term disorder of the biological clock, will affect the human body’s metabolic speed, so that the body’s immunity is reduced, so that people seem to have no spirit, emotional vulnerable to external influence.Mobile phones make people’s life convenient, but we will try to overcome the disadvantage brought by playing mobile phone, complement each other, more at ordinary times, your family and friends, chat, reading a book as far as possible with print books give priority to, not only reduce the time of the use of mobile phones, also protect vision, take exercise more at ordinary times, on time to rest, to develop a good habit.