XYG changes players to cause controversy, captain loses starting position, Daxian: don’t question coach’s choice

2022-05-11 0 By

Zhang Daxian in order to round his career dream, created XYG battle group.XYG did not disappoint Zhang daxian. In the first season of KPL, XYG progressed from Group B to Group S and finally reached the final four in the playoffs.Although XYG still has a certain gap with the strong teams in GROUP S, this is a good result for a new team and Daxian is also very satisfied.In terms of traffic flow, XYG is also very good, with Wolves, E-star is the same level, XYG’s games are basically in the prime time.XYG’s first match was against Chongqing Wolves, a member of “Sirius” and one of the top three teams in KPL, so it was very difficult to fight against XYG. XYG won the first game and finally lost to Wolves by the score of 1:3.However, for XYG’s fans, this result is also acceptable, after all, XYG has just changed the auxiliary, the team is still in the run-in process, and from the performance of the match, XYG has many bright points, such as the team operation ability has been significantly improved compared to last season.XYG changed a new player for this match, xi he was the captain of XYG’s auxiliary position originally, but the first match auxiliary player is a.The change of auxiliary position also caused controversy among players.The first game of a door play is very bright, the second game, XYG early advantage, but gradually into the wind, a door guiguzi in a wave of flash pull people, with the team disjointed, visible XYG there is room for runnin.XYG lost the game, the change of auxiliary position, also caused a hot discussion of water friends.Zhang Daxian after the game, and explained specifically for this problem, he said to introduce new auxiliary is the decision of the coaching staff, transfer window big fairy also make a phone call to ask xihe, and asked the team new auxiliary player what he think, the answer is to support the transfer, all for the team to consider, visible XYG atmosphere is very good, you think all is to make the team become more powerful.Daxian said, don’t question the coach’s choice, the younger brothers are very good, the first game, it doesn’t mean XYG gave up Xi he, XYG’s decision is who is better, free competition.XYG players techniques are very good, especially show beans, September, Ling dream and others, they need is to adapt to different command rhythm, more mature in operation, XYG achieved the results of the last four, so this season big fairy also let the younger brothers continue to rush, the goal is the three, further.Personal opinion: XYG is in a very good state now, they do not have as much pressure as last season, after all, they have proved themselves with the final four, but also entered group S, XYG’s goal this season is to compare with themselves, as long as they can improve the level of cooperation and operation, I believe daisen will be very satisfied.As for the rotation of the auxiliary position, it is also the choice of the coaching staff, Daxian also honestly believe that the coaching staff, XYG to try more possibilities!