Atone for your parents!Liu haocun vowed to do his best to help the disabled

2022-05-12 0 By

Recently, Liu Haocun was blacklisted and could not sit still.Her studio issued a statement solemnly warning rumormongers that it has zero tolerance for online abuse.In fact, Liu Haocun parents fault, and can not be blamed on her.”From now on, I want to do my best to understand, respect, care for and help my brothers and sisters with disabilities,” she said in a tearful interview.This is a responsibility, but also a guarantee, will not escape, brave to bear!What is often criticized by netizens is Liu’s acting skills, and even his smile.Some people say that Liu Haocun’s acting is too awkward, often fake smile, but the mouth has a curve, eyes do not smile, not natural.It is said that women like jealousy, and throughout the negative comments on Liu Haocun, the gender is overwhelmingly female.Why do women bother women?Her eyes, boys see is pure, girls see is hostile.There are many people in saw “send you a small red flower” hind, discover this little girl is particularly great, natural face, have nimbus, play of good, do not know why by whole net black?Because he was so young and was favored by director Zhang Yimou, he acted in many good movies, so he touched someone’s cake?She may not be that good, but she keeps trying.I’m sure she’ll make us all sit up and take notice.