Very suspicious in the feelings of the constellation, extremely paranoid possessive too strong, easy to entwine when breaking up

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Possessiveness may be a special emotion in love. Appropriate possessiveness can indeed make the relationship more smooth, and also make the relationship between two people more inseparable. Let each other feel the importance of themselves to each other.But some people are possessive beyond the boundaries and feel suffocated and even want to escape.Some people are very suspicious in their relationships, very suspicious.Each other goes out to report their whereabouts, and even want to know each other all the time.I don’t know. What the hell are you doing?And this kind of extreme comrade-in-arms, in fact, is a kind of paranoia.When paranoia is too strong, it can lead to emotional disequilibrium and even violence.Today we are going to talk about these very suspicious signs in relationships from the point of view of the chart. They are very suspicious and possessive.When a person’s sun, moon, and Venus all set in Scorpio, that person is very extreme in their feelings.Scorpio is a paranoid sign, and when the moon and Venus, two emotional planets, are in Scorpio, they become scorpio-branded.Scorpios themselves do not believe in human nature, the world is also suspicious.Because of this, Capricorn is a very emotionally paranoid person with both the moon and Venus.When the sun is also setting in Scorpio, this person’s Scorpio energy will be very strong.They are extreme, both professionally and emotionally, and they are the kind of people who will put their ideas into action.This kind of person especially hates betrayal, especially in the relationship, they can’t accept any form of perfunctory.So they are always wondering if the other person is loyal to them, what the other person is actually doing, whether they are betraying them.But this kind of love is undoubtedly suffocating, and sometimes even causes some of the other party’s psychological boredom and rebound.Moreover, this kind of people have a strong desire for control. If the other party does not do what they want, it is likely that they will have some paranoid behaviors and even violent tendencies.But in contrast, such people tend to be more single-minded and affectionate in their feelings.If you can stand their suspicion and jealousy, you can enjoy their tenderness and tenderness.In addition to Scorpio being extremely suspicious, Pisces is also a very suspicious sign when it comes to emotions.Although Pisces in most of the time to give people the feeling is sentimental, is more gentle, not aggressive.But this is not the case for Pisces.For Pisces, relationships are the most important thing in the world.And because of that, their partner is very important to them.Once they’re in love with someone, they’re all in, but they’re also overdoing it.They are always worried that the other person does not love them, so they are always in a kind of worry and loss mood.Especially when Venus and Moon are in Capricorn, they always feel that the other is calculating them or wanting something from them.But the emotional nature of the Pisces will make it impossible for them to give up.There is no way to make a break or break decision.So this kind of person is often in a contradictory mood, not only worried about the other party will betray them, but at the same time constantly give their psychological hints.This kind of person is often difficult to let go when the problem occurs, and will even pester each other, trying to get some benefits from each other too much.Boys with this configuration, in particular, are very difficult to deal with.Not only do they have little sense of responsibility, but in terms of morality, they have a low bottom line, even no principles and bottom line.