Husband’s home is bullied by neighbors, the new daughter-in-law picked up the microphone scold street, anti is pointed to the second marriage female quality is low

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Human nature is bullying soft and afraid of hard, especially in the countryside, if you are afraid of things, others have been bullying you, only you go out to make a big, the other side will convergence.This is also why shrew scold street so prevalent in the countryside, because to let others know that they are not good bullying, eat a loss is to resist, but also greet the female members of the other party’s family, so the other party will fear.On February 13, 2022, a woman in Zhoukou, Henan province exposed an incident. Her neighbor, a newly married daughter-in-law, cursed at her door with a microphone. The woman also said that a newly married woman’s quality was really low.But the net friends heard the daughter-in-law abusive street content, but do not buy the woman’s account, said that it is not who shot the video who is right, it is the other people bully urgent, the other people for her husband’s family, he said the other people have no quality.Originally, two are neighbors, one often bully another, and that family is more honest, has been at a disadvantage.It was not until the son married his wife that the situation began to change.The economic condition of this family is not very good, and the son has not been married to a wife after the marriage age, and then looked for this divorced woman.Although the woman is the second marriage, with her ex-husband but no children, her husband’s family did not abandon, very good to her.The new wife married over not long, found that the neighbor family is very strong, has been bullying the in-laws, to their home is very opinionated.But I’m new here. I can’t say much.Until one time, the neighbor laughed at their home without money, looking for a second marriage daughter-in-law who did not give birth to children, completely angered the new daughter-in-law, scolding people not to expose, which directly scolded to the face, which can also endure?The new daughter-in-law decided to calculate old and new grudges together, went to the market to buy a microphone, came to the door to pick up the microphone scold street, the female members of the other party’s home are greeted again.While the neighbor changed the arrogance of the past, a person did not dare to come out to scold.Also accused the new daughter-in-law as a second marriage woman, too fierce, too no quality.But the new daughter-in-law has gone out of her way, no matter what he is new, no matter what he is not a second marriage, the countryside is bullying and afraid of hard, people are good at being bullied, their own shrewdness will be afraid of each other.The neighbor secretly took the picture of the new daughter-in-law swearing in the street, but also posted to the Internet, want to let the netizens blame the new daughter-in-law together.But the net friends are not fooled, did not as she expected, but said her.Netizen’s comment has netizen’s comment said, if it were not forced urgent, who would just get married to run out to scold the street, must be you did too much before, now scold can not lose heart, still want to let the netizen say somebody else for you.Just listen to what people say. You bully someone who is new to you. You bully someone who has no children.Another netizen commented, “What’s wrong with the woman on her second marriage? She is protecting her in-laws’ family. Maybe her neighbors bullied her in-laws’ family too much.The new daughter-in-law can come out for her husband’s house, regardless of the face of the curse, that her husband’s house is good to her, she also put her husband’s house as a family, just can’t see the family bullied.Good people are deceiving, her husband’s family is too honest, was bullied for so many years.But the new daughter-in-law is a shrewish not afraid of things, encounter unfair direct scold street.Although the impact is not very good, but in the context of the rural environment, this is the most powerful way to fight back, and the method did work, the neighbor immediately scared, I guess in the future will not bully others.The second marriage nothing shameful, now what era, but also take the second marriage to say things, is really nothing to say.It is not surprising that people scold you when you are accepted by your husband’s family.