Jiao Jiao responds to Zhao Benshan’s daughter’s lawsuit!There is no eternity between man and man

2022-05-13 0 By

In the face of a powerful opponent, Jiaojiao dares to “sword”, this spirit is admirable, but it does not belong to the wise, huge identity gap, social experience and so on, the so-called “fish dead” but the fish dead, the net can be repaired.Such an outcome had been expected.Earlier, netizens spread the response of Zhao Benshan’s daughter Jiaojiao.His words were full of angry words, and he promised to take her down even if he lost everything, and to make her pay.The war seemed imminent, but in fact came to a halt. Jiao Jiao’s response also confirmed netizens’ expectations.On the night of February 18, Jiao Jiao shared a video on her video account, and said: “In this world, there is no love and hate for no reason, and people do not exist forever and forever. Only mutual respect and almost fairness can last. I’m leaving.Lovely moral kidnapping.”It is not difficult to understand from its words that Jiao Jiao’s “sword” seems to have completely conceded defeat. Once some things are not handled well and attacked by the group, they will lose their favorable position in public opinion and become “rats across the street”.Now jiao Jiao although has made “retreat” decision, but she has accumulated in the entertainment circle of popularity has gone, the future of her where to go, want to only her own to be able to manage clear.In retrospect, it is not difficult to find that all of Jiao Jiao’s accusations are not based on sufficient evidence, which is why she lost.Especially some time ago, she suspected connotation guan Tingna and Zhao Benshan have said not clear relationship, if this matter is hammer, then it will certainly make each other difficult to turn over, but once there is no hammer, then the rumor of the charge, Jiao Jiao must be set.At present, Jiao Jiao’s social accounts continue to use the name “comedian actor”, to know that this name is supported by Zhao Benshan’s media company, so jiao Jiao’s fame is inseparable from Zhao Benshan’s support.Many netizens dissatisfaction with jiaojiao, it is also because think she “ungrateful”, in fact the matter and “Thanksgiving” are very different things, media companies, after all, is the nature of profit once leave, the relationship between each other is interrupted, there is no force hold and weak hold, valuable, then it is worth, no value, believe that the media companies are not stupid.All in the net friend’s expectation, this matter also so “quietly” the interruption.However, Jiao Jiao still needs to face a large number of netizens’ doubts, this topic will follow her for a lifetime.I lost my job. I lost my connections.Do not know the future jiao Jiao will be engaged in what kind of occupation?Do you want to go live or do you want to live?