Qingdao housing construction: deep digging fine chisel branch acceptance new channel, create a new situation of 100 boats contend for flow

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Deep digging, fine digging, housing acceptance, new channel, open up a new situation, reshape the market ecology of housing and construction Qingdao innovation hit the “combination fist” of prior housing after housing acceptance, currently Shandong anchor “walk in the front, create in an all-round way”, “three go ahead”, total follow, total positioning, total navigation mark,The firm pays special attention to the leading enterprises in the “seven” “eight big development strategy” “nine crucial reform” “top ten modern advantage of industrial cluster”, etc, on the basis of the work plan for both focus on the “six” development ideas, method of “six pay more attention to” strategy, “twelve focus on” key task, a powerful province of struggling to create a new era of socialist modernization construction.Qingdao city housing and urban and rural construction bureau in-depth implementation of the central and provincial party committee, municipal party committee decision deployment, close to the well-being of the people’s livelihood “dig both working memory, around the” demands of the people’s livelihood “accurate pulse, focusing on the” short board “of the people’s livelihood innovative work methods and mechanism, through the” one household one “, “the owner open activity”, “the introduction of the third party inspection, such as combination,To upgrade the existing new housing delivery policy of household acceptance and implementation of the mechanism, to explore a set of “transcendental house house” effective “Qingdao model”, make another new ecological housing construction market, wade out of the delivery of a new home “is zero complaint” new path, in people’s heart to polish the “Qingdao to build” brand of thick.”YaCangShi” sink and to make good policy alone in order to further strengthen the housing project quality management, the implementation of the residential project cooperated-builing parties quality of main body responsibility, improve the level of housing project quality, as early as in 2009, the ministry has issued a “about to do a good job of housing project quality household acceptance notice,” household acceptance “began to fully implement all over the country.But this good policy encountered shoddy in the implementation process, should be the meaning of the implementation is not in place, “a household a check” gradually lose the original zi original taste, formalism signature let “branch acceptance” become “go through the process”, eventually led to the solution of the “hand in” this problem, but left ten regrets.The market ecology of residential construction has failed to be improved or repaired due to complaints from owners caused by unsatisfactory quality and serious gap in purchase expectation.Lift the net to the class, thousands of eyes are zhang.Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development aimed at the crux of the policy can not be the original implementation, in May 2020, specifically issued the “Qingdao Residential Project Quality Household Acceptance Operating Instructions (Trial)”, for the “household acceptance” to clarify the ding base, so that the responsibility of the implementation of the “rock”.One of the innovative measures with escort property is “a first gear” electronic archives.”Water line” to create “a door a” get visible acceptance check on the requirements of the national unity “household acceptance” policy, on the basis of Qingdao city housing and urban and rural construction bureau first request jurisdiction when acceptance of the construction unit in the bridal chamber, the contents of the individual acceptance inspection area, the key to take photos, and formed by the “one household one”, generated qr code,Build a traceable electronic file.Figuratively speaking, “a family first gear” is a “photo collection”.In a house, not acceptance before, after the completion of the construction unit organization construction, supervision and so on related projects and technical personnel, according to the national and provincial, municipal engineering quality acceptance standards, design documents, etc., the quality of each residential and associated part of the public perception, main function and construction of examination and acceptance of the implementation of the mandatory standards etc,And issue a certificate of conformity.Here, each acceptance through a link, the relevant inspectors have to hold a certificate of qualification to take a photo, the final synthesis of a TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, a “photo album”.The album, which can be a roll of honour or a pillar of shame for acceptance officers, will be kept for five years.It can not only urge the inspection personnel to be conscientious and careful in the acceptance, but also facilitate the backward check and accountability, quickly locate the responsible person, and their own and the unit assessment, reward and punishment link.The QR code will be posted in each house before delivery and is open to the owner.Owner sign in charge in the sweep through code can buy a house with view of “one household one” electronic archives, restore cooperated-builing parties of indoor whole process of acceptance of the work, to the measured data, and so on, real amount, acceptance of review, to effectively participate in the acceptance of the work, the quality of the comprehensive understanding of their house, as “experts” in their house.”Oarsmen” the owner enters the house to make the second acceptance more powerful if “one household one gear” is to ensure the “water line” of the big ship “housing acceptance”, then the opening activities of the owner before the residential delivery will make the owner jump into the big ship and play the role of “oarsmen”.As one of the combined measures of “prior house after house collection” initiated by Qingdao, and “Qingdao Residential Engineering Quality Household Acceptance Operating Instructions (Trial)” are implemented synchronously with “Qingdao New Residential Project Before delivery of the Owners of open Activities (interim)”.According to this “method”, after construction unit completes divide household to check and accept according to new requirement, before project consign, should organize owner to carry out open activity according to established procedure, means and content, let quasi owner enter the building that buys personally ahead of schedule check room, produce the likelihood contradictory check and accept link front.The owner’s open activity is not a formal “afternoon tea”, nor a superficial “coffee time”, but a set of mechanisms and design constraints.The number of owners to participate in the activity should ensure both quantity and quality, and be completed in groups within a week or so.During the open activity, the owners should enter the houses they have bought, check the corresponding technical requirements and standards and the acceptance of “one household one gear”, experience and second acceptance, and put forward the corresponding problems and suggestions.Within 3 working days after the end of the opening activity, the construction unit shall summarize its visits, owners’ questions and suggestions to the local administrative department of construction in accordance with the required format, and the competent department shall conduct spot check on the opening activity.In order to prevent the opening activities from “going through the motions”, the competent authorities will conduct random inspections at different levels, requiring 10 percent of the owners who ask more questions, those who ask less questions, and those who have no questions at all to return the visits.For the problems mentioned by the owners in the opening activities, Qingdao Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau has divided into three levels, urging the construction units to treat and deal with them strictly: “immediate repair” for small problems, “deadline repair” for problems that need time to find the cause, and “commitment repair” for problems that need time to prepare goods.The construction unit needs to organize and adjust the content of electronic files according to the problems and treatment of the open activities, and hand in the final “one family one” TWO-DIMENSIONAL code electronic files to the owners.If the owner still complains about the quality of the house after the residential project is put into use, the competent department shall check the owner’s open record and the rectification record of the problems and deduct points from the relevant responsible units according to the relevant management measures.”Observatory” to introduce a third party to check and accept more looking forward to more fully exploring the existing household acceptance, the owner open activities, on the basis of Qingdao city housing and urban and rural construction bureau and actively advocate the construction unit to introduce a third party agencies to participate in the supervision of full decoration housing before delivery, give full play to the professional and technical strength, to help the owner to his house for magnetic resonance type “things”.Third-party institutions must have the corresponding qualifications, and their detection equipment should be more sophisticated and professional, which can realize the comprehensive scanning and diagnosis of the house.In this way, it is tantamount to a mast “lookout” for the safe running of the “household acceptance” ship.After the delivery of the residential project, it is inevitable that there is no “hidden reef” to surface, in order to timely and effectively solve the reasonable demands of buyers, Qingdao Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau and supporting issued “4 3” residential delivery warranty rules.According to the “detailed rules”, in addition to the above mentioned 3 levels of maintenance, there are 3 location express information (unit hall eye-catching position, posted “residential engineering quality warranty acceptance bulletin board”;Post “residential project quality problem repair” in the elevator car;Indoor post “residential project quality problem repair report” business card “), each business card has the contact information of the project leader, to avoid “looking for property, property management can not” useless;3 channels unblocked repair report (report to the housing repair department of the construction unit;Report repair to property management customer service department;Report repair or complain to the maintenance supervision and management department of the construction unit);3 ways of active feedback (actively through the delivery of “Residential project quality maintenance and Treatment commitment” to the owner feedback;Take the initiative to post “Residential Project Quality Maintenance Sales List” to the owners feedback;Take the initiative to give feedback to the owners via phone, wechat, etc.).The comprehensive innovation and progressive implementation of the measures above made by “Daifu” active pilot to change “difficult road” into “easy road” has achieved remarkable results.According to statistics, by the end of September last year, three districts in Qingdao planned and organized a total of 45 mobile housing projects open to owners of “prior house after receiving house”, benefiting a total of 15,663 households.Compared with similar projects in 2018 and 2019, the total number of effective quality complaints decreased by nearly 75%, and the actual number of effective complaints decreased from 2.4% to 1% of the total number of households.”Transcendental house house”, in line with the “to” to live “livable” service concept and “people’s livelihood” the biggest political, after to work in the stock of dig and chisel, follow the “three goeth before” total beacons, Qingdao housing and urban and rural construction bureau in national standard “time acceptance” on the basis of the existing policy innovation idea and way,With a confirmed by pilot practices that worked “transcendental house house” of “combination”, not only effectively solve the owners’ purchase of anxiety and building quality do not tally with the expectations of all kinds of social contradictions, and supervise and urge the housing construction market is benign development, scrambling to committed to the construction of brand building enterprise in one hundred, also promoted the government’s work efficiency and word of mouth,The former “who should be managed, no one care” multi-pipe diversion into a water storage dam, gurgling flood relax properly, so that the housing “market ecology” ship steady sailing.Long wind and waves will sometimes, straight sail to the sea.In the local market new housing delivery the good ecological appears on a piece of blue waves sound gulls, Qingdao housing and urban and rural construction bureau and actively respond to the ministry and province construction hall of deployment requirements, bead jade, and in a timely manner will be handed to the province “touchstone” learn other area city, take the initiative to fulfill your fleet’s “boon” lead ship role, more and more “treasure ships” join and starting with the team,Connecting the north and south, the series of east and west, all the way through the waves, the new housing delivery market chronic disease caused by the “difficult road” gradually “become smooth”.In August last year, the “Qingdao mode” of prior house post-collection was promoted to the whole province by shandong Provincial Department of Housing and Construction, which has been fully affirmed. As a set of new measures of “multi-win” explored in the delivery of new commercial houses in Qingdao, its various initiatives have been in the forefront of the province and even the country.After the “Qingdao Model” was promoted as a model of the province, Jinan, Weifang, Tai ‘an, Rizhao, Yantai and other regions responded positively, taking the “Qingdao Model” of the prior house back collection as a model, referring to the document and organizing on-site observation meetings locally.By the end of November last year, more than 100 residential projects in the province organized the “prior house after receiving the house” owners open activities, excellent pilot work experience in shandong province in the residential project promotion and implementation, new commercial residential community satisfaction significantly improved, due to quality problems caused by complaints significantly reduced.”100 boats contend for flow” residential delivery “Shandong valley” now yunshui Xiwei market ecology cut down on the simple sanqiu tree, the new February flowers.In the exploration and practice of the Qingdao model of “Prior House After House Collection”, Qingdao Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development adheres to the principle of “people first” and “problem-oriented”. In accordance with the deployment of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Shandong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development, Qingdao Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development carries out the new development concept, gives full play to the work style of “strict, true, fine, practical and quick”, strengthens its responsibility and innovation, and takes the initiative to open its mind.For new housing projects in the process of delivery out redundant disorderly and complex contradictions and their opinions of the people desire, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and pulse-taking and palpation, frame by frame, peel silk cocoon, seize the main aspects of the principal contradiction and conflict, the start is the sprint, start is decisive battle, only with more than a year of time through the troubled new housing market “plug” for more than a decade,To improve the quality of housing is a practical matter.Now, look to the new housing delivery market “shandong basin”, by the Qingdao dig and chisel “transcendental house house” of the new channel for shortening the distance of the people’s livelihood service, widen the one hundred build and upgrade path of “popular project” of known, digging deep “good product shandong qilu building” service connotation, and create a new situation of the thousand sails to compete sends, radiant, person.