Star Yao Beijing | the fastest ice “China cyclone”!China’s first gold medal in men’s speed skating, Gao Tingyu has the killer weapon of a super-fast start

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12 evening, the Beijing Olympics in the men’s 500 m speed skating, the Olympics the Chinese sports delegation flag-bearer 24-year-old Gao Ting yu, expectations, his appearance in the seventh group, 32 of the 34 seconds to break the Olympic record, and keep the result in the end, success, realize China men gold medal zero breakthrough in the project.Speed skating was the first winter sport to make a breakthrough in New China.On February 24, 1963, the 57th World Men’s speed skating Championships in Nagano, Japan, luo Zhihuan, the underdog of China, stood on the champion’s podium of 1500 meters.This is China’s first world championship in winter sports.After that, Ye qiaobo won two silver MEDALS of women’s speed skating in the women’s 500-meter and 1,000-meter speed skating at the 1992 Albertville Winter Olympics in France, which made China’s breakthrough in this event.Twelve years later, Zhang Hong won the women’s 500-meter speed skating gold medal at the Sochi Winter Olympics, making China’s first gold medal in the event in the Winter Olympics.After years of continuous efforts, China in short track speed skating, figure skating pair skating, freestyle skiing aerials and other events gradually grow into the world’s top strong team, speed skating performance has some ups and downs, especially the men’s team, it is difficult to enter the medal competition.Four years ago at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, 20-year-old Gao Tingyu came out of nowhere and became the first Chinese man to win an Olympic speed skating medal by finishing third in the men’s 500m.Gao’s progress in the 2018-2021 season was there for all to see.Gao’s form has been up and down in the World Cup this season, from his gold medal performance in his first race in Poland to the incident of being sent off for a false start in the United States.In terms of technical characteristics, Gao is good at starting, and in his first race of the season in Poland, he clocked an astonishing 9.32 seconds in the first 100 meters, the fastest first 100 meters in speed skating history.He also has the most times of 34 seconds in the 500 meters so far this season.But it should also be noted that the competition incentive of this event, no less than short track speed skating contingency.No one has finished on the podium in two consecutive Winter Olympics since Salt Lake City in 2002.As a high-profile speed skater, Gao tingyu is under great pressure. He knows that he still has his own shortcomings. “I am always improving my technical details,” Gao said in an interview.We have taken several technical steps, including starting, as weaknesses that need to be strengthened.But he also knows that being the flag-bearer of China’s sports delegation at this Winter Olympics is both a recognition and an expectation of himself: “Playing at home is extremely exciting, but being the flag-bearer gives me more power.It’s a role I’ve always wanted to play.I will live up to that trust and try to give my best on the court.”Finally, waiting for the starting gun to sound, Gao tingyu eyes firmly, full swing arms, ran 9.42 seconds of starting time.Gao also showed no signs of slowing down in the sprint, clocking an Olympic record of 34.32 seconds.Ice sports, is the competition of people, but also the competition of science and technology.The smoothness and firmness of the ice largely determine the limits of the project.The “Ice Ribbon” National Speed Skating Hall, where Gao competed, also became the venue with the most new records at this year’s Winter Olympics.Before Gao, a new Olympic record was set almost every day.Ice Ribbon uses carbon dioxide transcritical cooling technology, embedding about 120 kilometers of stainless steel pipes in the ice rink that run carbon dioxide at high pressure.The main advantage of this technique is that it is environmentally friendly and efficient, and it can control the temperature of the ice to less than 0.5 degrees Celsius.The smaller the temperature difference, the more uniform the hardness of the ice, the smoother the ice, and the better it is for athletes to skate and create better results.Under the “protection” of high technology, the fastest ice has also successfully witnessed the generation of “China cyclone”.