Yanggu: Full chain integrated services to help start major projects

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The development of a city depends on projects in the short term, policies in the medium term and environment in the long term.”The key to improving the business environment is our high-quality services, and the quality of service projects is the most direct reflection of the effect of improving the business environment.To provide full cycle services for enterprises, so that ‘sunshine do, comfortable do’ to promote the fundamental transformation of our services “.At the global innovation and Excellence Development conference held recently, Wang Jiqiang, director of Yanggu County Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau, put forward the idea of innovation and excellence development: The “excellence” of the business environment should be used for the “progress” of development.How to help major projects start work earlier and reach production faster?Enterprise expectations, is the breakthrough point of reform.Yanggu puts itself in the position of others, highlights reform and innovation, focuses more on the needs of market players, changes from passive approval to active service, and changes from the running of enterprises to the whole process of agency, so as to achieve “two-way going” with market players and create more “extra points” for business environment evaluation.Liaocheng city this year to launch “whole life cycle of enterprises” reform, we refine the implementation of the whole chain integration services, focusing on si 5 10 million yuan of above, the government investment projects, for the people “and other major projects, provide the whole process, deputy concierge service, strive to do a major project examination and approval” zero resistance “, “zero distance” service, ground zero barriers,We will do all we can to speed up and increase the efficiency of major projects.Service major projects, Yanggu Action power “full of energy”.Assign codes to all major projects in priority, and carry out relevant services in advance as the only “ID card” in the whole project construction cycle;Set up offline comprehensive service Windows, establish the comprehensive window service mode of “front desk + medium desk + background”, realize the comprehensive acceptance of the front desk, parallel approval of medium desk, coordination and support of the background, and unified window delivery;Through the online special area, offline comprehensive window, hotline special, make the service more accurate, improve the quality and efficiency of the project, so that market subjects have a more satisfied sense of gain.And the customized service for the implementation of major projects is the “soul” of this combination.According to deputy custom work order, establishes the key tracking project list, the examination and approval matters for listing, listing construction problems such as “three” list of major projects, the formation of deputy service network, building department coordination, the working mechanisms of upper and lower linkage, for major projects to provide enterprises registration, project establishment, project bidding, authority card is dealt with full chain integrated deputy service agents, etc.At the same time, it has innovated service methods, implementing the “informing and promising + parallel examination and approval + whole-process network office”, and promoting the implementation of “start work immediately after taking the land” by “accepting the shortage and handling it in stages”, so as to ensure faster and more efficient examination and approval of major projects.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com