Wang Chengshu: Working in secret for 30 years, her husband doesn’t know where she is, and she donated all her deathbed savings and remains

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When Wang chengshu closed her eyes in 1994, her life of devoting decades to her country flashed before her eyes like a revolving lantern. She had no regrets and felt guilty that she could no longer contribute value to her country.This is a time away from our people, in June 1912, a bookish home in Shanghai welcomed the second little princess — Wang Chengshu.Her father was a jinshi, had studied in Japan, returned to the university professor;Her mother was born in a famous family in Yangzhou, which was once known as the “No.1 Garden in the late Qing Dynasty”.In the eyes of outsiders, this is one hundred percent of the scholarly family, and Wang chengshu’s future is just around the corner.However, Wang chengshu was not in good health when he was young. He was weak and often fell ill. He had to take a year off school for these reasons.Perhaps influenced by his parents, Wang Chengshu showed amazing willpower when he was young. Even though he fell behind a lot in the course with other students, he still insisted on taking the entrance examination and was admitted with excellent results.As a teenager, Wang chengshu had a maturity and toughness that was out of place and dignified.At that time, other students liked modern activities such as rouge and jewelry.But Wang Chengshu can not look at these things, her heart, or her soul, yearned for a higher value orientation – science.At that time, boys were preferred to girls, and no girl would think of majoring in science.However, Wang chengshu believes that she was born for this. When she first came into contact with mathematics and physics, she was deeply addicted to them. Those boring numbers and formulas were like mystery in others’ eyes, but in her eyes, they were full of fun.At that time, people in my family often said: my second young lady, accounting is quick and accurate, Mr. Accountant than!In 1930, Wang Chengshu was recommended to Yenching University with excellent grades and chose the physics department with only male students. At that time, she was the only girl in the upper and lower grades. In the eyes of others, this weak girl was incompatible with science and technology in any way, but they respected her very much.Wang was always a top academic, winning the Fitopher Golden Key Award and a bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Yenching University in 1934 and 1936, overcoming conventional prejudices in an era when boys were preferred.In 1939, due to the outbreak of the war, Wang chengshu left Beijing and traveled all the way to Kunming, where she met zhang Wenyu, her tutor at Yan University. The two became friends and soon got married.After marriage, Wang chengshu did not give up what she had learned and would not stay at home like ordinary families. She still wanted to pursue the meaning of her life.At that time, the University of Michigan in the United States had a scholarship, but there was a certain threshold, which blocked Wang Chengshu.This made Wang very angry, so he immediately wrote a letter to the scholarship committee explaining his situation and his determination to study, which was an exceptional admission to the United States.Soon after arriving in the United States, Wang won the Babor Scholarship with her amazing achievements. Later, she cooperated with physicist Uhlenbeck on many important papers, and her supervisor praised her as a rare talent.After Wang chengshu went to the United States, Zhang Wenyu was invited to the United States by Princeton University.While studying in the United States, Wang chengshu’s learning ability steadily improved and she published many academic theories that caused a stir. In others’ eyes, this Chinese woman had a promising future and was bound to be promoted.However, fame meant nothing to Wang Chengshu. In 1949, when the New Republic was founded, Wang chengshu was one of countless students who wanted to return to China and contribute to the prosperity of their country.Unfortunately, Wang chengshu was restricted by the US ban at that time, and she could not go home with certain academic ability, as was her husband Zhang Wenyu.The couple had no choice but to wait, which was seven years.During this period, while studying, while observing the trend, they repeatedly submitted applications to return to China, each time submitted and rejected, until 1956 successfully returned home.October 6, 1956, she wrote in her diary, was a day I will never forget, though I did not realize at the time that it would be the beginning of my truly meaningful life.On the border of the motherland after 15 years of separation, I saw the five-star red flag flying in the air for the first time, and I felt unspeakable excitement.She said, “After I come back, I want to make contributions to the country. I can’t wait for others to build China well before COMING back, so I will do what the country needs.”In 1958, China set up thermonuclear fusion laboratory. At that time, China was completely blank in this field, which was also wang Chengshu’s knowledge blind spot.The field was crucial to China’s development. At the time, Wang chengshu was 46 years old and her major in science and technology was already set. Qian invited her to study the technology in the Soviet Union, which was basically starting from scratch.Amazingly, it only took Wang two years to become the top scholar in his field.On the train back to China, Wang chengshu spent seven days and seven nights translating the latest books on thermonuclear fusion published in the United States, providing a strong theoretical support for the country’s research.Later, he translated other theoretical books, which greatly filled the gaps in the field of knowledge.We were even ridiculed at that time: what can you do with your own factory?In 1961, Qian sanqiang went to Wang again and told her that the motherland needed its scientists to develop atomic bombs.You can’t attend any public meetings anymore. Are you willing to remain anonymous for the rest of your life?In the face of this decision to his life, Wang Chengshu did not hesitate, said: I do.Wang Chengshu’s notes stayed in 1961. This choice meant that the future would be hidden. No one knew where she was and what she was doing, even her husband and children.In 1962, when Wang Chengshu said goodbye to everything, he came to China’s first concentrator shaft production factory 504 for scientific research.Here, Wang Chengshu entered the crazy working mode, with other scientists to solve hundreds of theoretical problems, technical problems, material problems, process problems, computing data is piled up in three big drawers, all the data she has to personally read, day and night calculation, at the age of 50, she has a full head of silver hair.Wang Chengshu later said, “It is not easy to change your profession to something you know nothing about when you are nearly 50 years old.But on second thought, it was not easy for anyone, and I had made up my mind before I came back that I would obey the needs of my country and start from scratch.”Three years later, in January 1964, the 504 plant succeeded in developing the first highly enriched uranium (HEU) qualified products, which provided the basic material for atomic bombs.On October 16 of the same year, China’s first atomic bomb exploded successfully, and we finally waited for the bang.But at this time of Wang Chengshu face, it is to continue to incognito nuclear business research – this is the third time qian Sanqiang to her invitation.She delivered the third “I do” firmly.On the flyleaf of her notes was a yellowed note that read, “Resolutely fulfill any task assigned to me by the Party under any conditions, and sacrifice my life if necessary.”In 1992, Wang chengshu was 80 years old. As long as she had a clear consciousness, she was still working.At that time she suffered from eye disease, or a look at the students’ papers, the text deep, and then use a magnifying glass to see, she said: my students up, is my greatest comfort.When she saw the doctor, he suggested that she get 10 injections of imported medicine at 600 yuan each. Wang smiled and said, “Look, are my eyes still worth 6,000 yuan?At this time, both Wang Chengshu and Zhang Wenyu had become ill from overwork. On November 5 of the same year, her husband Zhang Wenyu passed away ahead of her.Wang later donated their life savings to project Hope in her husband’s name.In 1994, the devoted scientist finally closed her eyes and left several wishes before she died: do not waste time in any form of mourning;Donate the body to medical workers, making full use of the available parts;Donate all of your research materials;He left 8,000 yuan to his family and donated the rest.Before his death, Wang wrote in a letter to his students: “I have lived an ordinary life, just doing down-to-earth work. As for my contribution, who hasn’t?And it is the duty of every citizen to make contributions to the country.