“We do not love red makeup love police uniform, our new clothes are the same!”

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Jinyun news: “Hello, this is the city vehicle administration bureau, happy New Year to you!Before you called to ask about the annual inspection of your vehicle, this business should be handled like this…”Although it is the Chinese New Year period, but just after 8:30, the city public security bureau of traffic bureau of the people’s livelihood working group has entered the state of work.The team, consisting of two traffic police officers and 14 auxiliary police officers, can be called “the most familiar stranger” to drivers.What is strange is that citizens have never met them when they go to the DMV window to handle business, but what they are familiar with is that they deal with both voice consultation and online vehicle driving management business.Different from other traffic police posts, this team is almost a uniform “detachment of women”.Before the Spring Festival, their daily work orders exceed 500, and they even have no time to buy New Year goods and do household cleaning. “We don’t love red makeup and police uniforms, and our new clothes for the New Year are all the same style!”Everyone can not help but joke.At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the public inspection car replacement questions, there are a lot of consultation “administration” new measures, auxiliary police Xu Fei and colleagues carefully comb the common problems encountered in the people’s business, the relevant policies into a book, in order to provide more accurate answers to the masses.”We can answer people’s questions faster and more clearly and accurately, which will save people more time.”With the popularity of “Internet + traffic management service”, more and more citizens choose to enjoy the convenience of handling business without leaving home through the Internet during holidays.Although it is the Chinese New Year period, but the public for car driving management business demand is also a lot, application for extension for driving license, application for replacement driving license……With a business application, auxiliary police Yin Yu is also nervous and orderly to carry out the acceptance of the audit, she laughed, she is also in the network at this time and submit business applications of the citizens “cloud” holiday.Until dinner in the evening, the team members did not finish the work at hand, we all picked up the mobile phone to relatives and friends New Year, traffic police Xing Yang also dialed the video to his family.”Mother, when will you be back?”Just a connected, the telephone first spread the childish voice also swept a day for her fatigue.”Good boy, mother is going home after work.These two days at grandma’s house, you can be obedient!””I spend most of the Spring Festival holiday with my colleagues at work every year.The support of our family is an added motivation for us to do our job well, and it’s all worth it to think of making it easier for people to enjoy the holidays.””The panelists said with pride.(Source: Jinyun)