Your canned gas can not burn, the main reason is that dimethyl ether exceeds the standard

2022-05-14 0 By

Back home for the New Year, listen to the village of the old man said that the gas tank is not honest, their gas is not particularly resistant to burning, not to the regular gas station tank gas resistance, burning when there is no blue light, after burning black pot bottom.I originally thought everybody say so all is to make fun of, how gas return dare fake?Later, the Internet to understand the ability to know, the original gas in order to save costs, more money someone add excessive diethyl ether.Diethyl ether can burn, but not efficiently.Can say so, even if the regular filling station will also give ginseng diethyl ether, but not legal ginseng more just.Rural areas do not let burning coal, firewood, most of the use of rural people are gas, because the countryside is now left behind the elderly, so the elderly’s food and clothing has become a number of people to get rich.Children outside, if you are worried about the safety of the elderly using gas, you can let the elderly burn electricity.If really not, or suggest the elderly to regular gas station to gas, the price is the same, quality is having very big difference.In addition, the regular filling station will also have a normal maintenance of the old man’s gas tank.