At that time text 599- students most afraid of composition?Reading broken volumes, such as god!More practicing writing

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Spring Notes 820 — Ramble Composition March 17, 2016 What should I write?Don’t know.When inspiration comes, you can’t stop it.When inspiration does not exist, racking one’s brains and searching, it also feels tasteless.I remember the time when I was a student. I had a lot of time and was afraid to write a composition.Every time in composition class or Chinese test, I would feel unable to write when I came across some topics or materials about family love, friendship or thinking about life.Nothing seems right, nothing seems ordinary.Or the brain was taken out of a vacuum, only to the composition daze and daze;Or think of a lot, but just can’t write that feeling;Or the same, the same, the same, the same, the same.To the end, even their own embarrassed.Before the Chinese teacher, can not teach us less writing tips, one of the most let me remember, I am afraid is the total total type of “dragon tail pig belly”.The so-called “dragon tail” is the beginning and end, must write well.You can use famous quotes to point, you can use parallelism to create a huge momentum, you can use suspense to arouse readers’ curiosity, you can surprise and so on. In short, it can not be too dull, dull like some of my university teachers’ classes, like giving people a shot of hypnosis, it is difficult to think of sleep.The so-called “pig belly”, is the middle part, can be allowed to write a little less grade.The teacher said to us, if encounter big test, may start a few or ten pieces, read the teacher can change more carefully.After that, a pile of papers, like mount Tai pressure on the top, like thousands of troops and horses straight, directly let the reader dazzled and aesthetic fatigue.No wonder, is to change the composition of dozens of people in a class, if you change carefully, it is estimated to take a long time, let alone change hundreds or even more.As a result, readers may simply rush to the beginning and end.Therefore, the teacher taught us to write well at the beginning and end.Now think about it, the teacher is to let us get high marks, but at the same time, to a certain extent, also killed my interest and enthusiasm for composition.Anyway, from primary school to junior high school, my writing level is general, at least I do not have much confidence.Occasionally a little bit of style, but that’s not real strength.The second half of the high school, because of reading more extracurricular books, composition level slightly rise, but also have a certain idea.The most proud of an article, is the senior year of a model test composition – 60 points, I got full marks.What I wrote was an essay on my reflections on life, which, alas, I can hardly remember, except at the end, a sign at a steep corner in the Alps with the words “Walk slowly and admire”, intended to slow down pedestrians or vehicles in case of an accident.If you further think, “slowly walk, appreciate ah” these words, more represents a realm of life, a “more like leisurely leisurely leisurely” natural and unrestrained.Perhaps the end is to look forward to, but the most important thing in life is to fully enjoy the process, isn’t it?Throughout the university, I hardly ever wrote a formal composition.Fast graduation, there was an essay competition, I wrote is “job-hunting road – let yourself become a landscape”, took the third prize, the prize is a certificate and 100 yuan.Looking back at the article, I can see that there are many areas that need to be improved in terms of the composition of words and sentences as well as the literary ideas.But be content!If it had not been for the university often make reading notes, wrote for a period of time diary, it is estimated that even the prize would not get the hair.Finally, I want to say that it is not so difficult to write something, but the premise is that there are enough materials and literary talent.If you have material, you should read more, record more good words and sentences, and recite more poems and poems.If you have literary talent, you need to practice more, think more, and combine your unconstrained imagination with philosophy and aesthetics.Du Fu poem: read thousands of volumes, writing such as god.What I agree with is that reading more is conducive to writing;Disagree is, read through thousands of volumes, the pen may be empty, not worth mentioning.Just like someone who has a lot of ink in their stomach, bad handwriting, and mediocre expression.In short, can write a good composition, one is to see hard work;On the other hand, also want to see to have this respect interest and talent!Finally, I want to say that the writing of the composition must be neat and neat.Even if the content is good, you may not get high marks if your handwriting is sloppy.