Jia Ling Zhang Xiaofei became the biggest winner of the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala, mango TV replay ratings can enter the top five

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The Spring Festival Gala is a feast for Chinese people all over the world. This year’s Spring Festival Gala was broadcast simultaneously in more than 100 countries and regions, and the audience rating was huge.The domestic audience rating is even more exploded, the Spring Festival Gala opening screen soared to 15%, and then the official start of the direct peak to 20%, since then the increase gradually stabilized down.There were no big moves until after 11 o ‘clock, when it began to take a big step back.After all, I’ve seen everything I need to see, and then I go to sleep.The language show started with “Father and Son,” which, for some reason, was prime time, but unfortunately didn’t get very good ratings.The whole program also got more than 20%, nevertheless ying er went out of the circle however.Why is that?Because of her figure and her pants.Eat melon group inside the person all regrets ying son this figure, is really let a person envy, absolutely no child.And then I saw what he was wearing.It seems that every year the Spring Festival Gala will become the guide to take goods as the first time on the Spring Festival gala, her performance can only be said to be normal.The same group of Wang Lei is also the first time on the Spring Festival Gala performance is also in line.There is nothing remarkable about it.Sun Tao, it’s hard enough.Since then, the audience rating continued to rise, breaking 22% when Shen Teng Mary appeared.But the two show’s data performance is not very good, actually also appeared a small margin to fall back.Its highest rating was 22.06 percent.Expectations for them were high, but it turned out to be a little flat.But then Zhang Xiaofei and Jia Ling came to the rescue, two people a output, actually won the highest audience rating of the language program 22.72%.This audience rating is not only the highest language program, but also the second highest in all programs.Li Huanying’s influence is a bit big, and it is estimated that only little Yue Yue can almost break this record.Latiao suddenly thought, hello Li Huanying inside Jia Ling said, next life I have to be a mother.Just over a year later, my wish came true.The dress fire that says to clever son above, the coat of Zhang Xiaofei also is same, also fire on the net, these actors became to take clothes big talent.But Zhang Xiaofei this dress is not cheap, more than three thousand.Language programs have always been very pleasing, opera programs before this thought jia Ling and Zhang Xiaofei to win the ratings champion.Who knows halfway out of a process bite gold, opera program to cut hu.A group of opera masters with lively and youthful children, to a series of opera, 4 major plays, dozens of actors.Opera programs are mostly favored by the elderly, and young people generally change channels when they come to this program. As a result, its audience rating rose instead of falling, reaching the highest 22.77% of the audience. If the time is longer, it can even break 28%.This program also deserved to become the audience rating champion.Really unexpected.But listen to the host’s introduction, it seems to understand.Opera program is the only fixed retention of the Spring Festival Gala, the Spring Festival Gala has not been broken for 40 years.And every time to go up are opera masters, industry bigwigs.Not bad, of course.Opera is the best, classic quintessence of China, worthy of its name.When the time entered 10 o ‘clock, the audience rating began to fall, hovering around 22%. The general trend was falling, and then individual programs had a small recovery.It wasn’t until after 10:30 that the overall ratings began to fall off, by which time everyone was asleep, except the vigil.After the early morning drop, the final ratings at 11.45%.It’s interesting that Mango TV has come out again. After midnight, it re-broadcasted the Spring Festival Gala and even made it into the top five.Mango stage is really intrepidity, rerun of the program ratings are crushing the river.Ah.# # gala