Set out to Tibet Tibet road trip guide

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If you only go to Tibet once in your life and want to drive there, this national highway is definitely the best choice for you. This national highway is known as the most beautiful road in China, and this national highway is considered by many people to be a must drive in their lifetime. This is National Highway 318, also known as sichuan-Tibet Southern Route.Give you a sichuan-Tibet 3181 days trip guide, after watching this video, you can take your dream directly set out.The first day from Chengdu to Kangding, 230 kilometers, four hours’ drive first stop, Luding Bridge stand on the bridge to feel the mighty Dadu River, must take children to experience the history of the Red Army’s heroic war of resistance.The second stop, Kangding City night stay more than 2000 meters above sea level Kangding, here is very suitable for living, look at the rapid ziduo River, listen to the Love songs of Kangding.The next day, kangding to Yajiang, 150 kilometers, four hours by car.The first stop is Zanduo Mountain, 4,280 meters above sea level. If you are lucky, you can see gongga Snow Mountain.The second stop is the photographer’s paradise xindu Bridge. He doesn’t have any landmark buildings, but he lives in Yajiang at night for 10 kilometers along the route, 2,500 meters above sea level.The third day from Yajiang to Batang, 310 kilometers, six and a half hours’ drive, the first high city in the world Litang, which is dingzhen’s hometown.The second stop is maoya Prairie, 4300 meters above sea level, and the third stop is Haizishan Sister Lake, 4700 meters above sea level. After crossing the sister Lake, you can reach Batang, 2500 meters above sea level. Accommodation here is the best choice.The fourth day, batang to rumei town, 150 kilometers, driving five hours, after the Jinsha River bridge, we formally entered the Xizang area.The first thing to climb is zongla Mountain, 4200 meters above sea level, after the past is Mangkang, in the 4300 meters of Lawu mountain will come to such as the United States town, 2600 meters above sea level, I wish you have a dream here.The fifth day, from Humei town to Batsu, 310 kilometers, driving for nine hours.Today is 318 Sichuan-Tibet line the most test driving skills of the day, the first to read is hanging in the cliff on the jueba mountain, the first station reached the elevation of 5100 meters of the east up to the mountain, the second station reached the Nu River turned viewing platform to nu River is 72 curved end point.The third stop, the nujiang Bridge commemorating heroes.At night, I live in Bajuku, 3,200 meters above sea level.Day 6, baisu to Ranwu Lake, 120 kilometers, driving 5 hours.First stop, Ranwu Lake, but except for month 345, Ranwu Lake may disappoint you.The second stop is Mi Dui Glacier to the west and Laigu glacier to the south. Where to go?See you from the mood.Night in The town of Ranwu, 3960 meters above sea level.The seventh day, ran Wu town to Bomi, 200 kilometers, driving six hours.First stop net red flushes water point, here gives your beloved car a bath.The second stop, Langqiu Glacier, can experience a different glacier experience.Night stay in Bomi, 2700 meters above sea level.Day 8, bomi to Lulang, 160 km, 5 hours drive.The first stop is Tongmai Bridge, which is a must-check scenic spot of 318.The second stop, Lulang, it is the most beautiful small town on the southern line of Sichuan and Tibet, the stone pot chicken here you must not.Missing out will fuel your energy expenditure along the way.Night stay in Lulang town, 3,200 meters above sea level.On the ninth day, Lulang arrived at La