Time is short and happy

2022-05-15 0 By

Today, I am back to jiyuan, stay in Beijing for more than thirty days, on their own strength to earn some money, time is too fast, I don’t think my choice is wrong, when I was on holiday last semester did not into the factory, if into the factory may not be so pleasant, I saw the tiananmen square in Beijing, saw a very dense commercial atmosphere.In Beijing, I also saw the luxury car, one day, I actually saw two Ferrari, luxury car too much, no wonder the north drift people so uncomfortable, a lot of pressure.At the same time, I saw the cruel side of Beijing, to Beijing, I went to a subway security company to interview, fortunately I did not in the past, otherwise a little loss ah, why say so, they give the salary is 200 yuan for twelve hours, a normal day is ten hours, twelve hours is very tired.In addition, the various fees they wanted in the early stage gave me a headache. I was afraid of trouble, so I resolutely refused at that time.After that, I went to my father, my father lived in a small room, can be said to be a place to sleep, a place to sleep to 600 months, no Windows, a light bulb, if it is with a window to 800 yuan, very expensive, but that is Beijing’s very cheap rent.On the first day of my father that I want to find a job, I’ve heard that go to the site is to make money, so I will go to building materials market to find a job, didn’t find building materials market to turn a circle, I flew to a store to find a job, I search on the baidu map, see very close tongzhou wanda, I’ll ride sharing bike ran to the tongzhou wanda,I heard from my friend that there was a part-time job in the clothing market, so I went to a clothing market near Wanda Square. The clothes sold there were all brand clothes, but I didn’t know whether they were real or fake.I turned around there for a long time, but no one wanted it anyway, someone gave me an idea that I could go to KFC to ask, there may be part-time, so I went out to ask, KFC and McDonald’s I have asked, do not.Then I went to Wanda to look around, wanda is very big, there are five floors, so I started from the first floor, shop by shop, almost no part-time jobs, but I did not lose heart, still seriously looking for.The first three floors are almost selling clothes, or not, so I went to the fourth floor, in the fourth floor of several stores, some of the staff asked me to leave their contact information, they will contact me later, indeed, after almost all of them contacted me, but BY that time I was working in Xi Tea.The last of the last, I went back to the first floor, see like tea, I went in and asked for a moment, indeed as expected figures, I am to ask the right person, if that person is not a manager, I estimate that the clerk will literally cope with me a few words, after my several to ask do you want a part-time were rejected, is really don’t understand, have what good refuse, it is very short of people, also don’t.Every day I go to work by shared bike, I get a month, a month is only 18 yuan, very cheap.Alas, I ride shared bikes after work every night, blowing the evening breeze and imagining that I will be able to commute by car in the future.