Ask for advice for the rest of your life: Lin’s school and Lin’s father-daughter relationship, a typical Chinese family

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Based on the novel of the same name by a Berlin stonemason, the drama follows the growing love between the warm and optimistic young Sun Lin Zhixiao (Yang Zi) and the mature and introverted Gu Wei (Xiao Zhan), supplemented by multiple elements such as family love, dreams and growth.She shows her own value with courage and refracts the arc light of characters in difficult situations. Compared with the female characters in traditional idol dramas who take love as the sole criterion, Lin Zhixiao has a distinct independent personality and pays more attention to the realization of her own value.Although in daily life, she and fall in love with ordinary college students, will be small temper to her boyfriend;Will be instantly relieved by a romantic “trip for two” date;She may be happy when her boyfriend gives her a bouquet of roses after the concert, but love is not everything in her life.The rest of my life warm, not only love.Since I haven’t watched the love drama for a long time, I originally wanted to get high on sugar. I didn’t expect the first four episodes to give me a feeling, what is more shocking is the relationship between Lin Zhi School and Lin Teacher’s father and daughter, which is too typical of Chinese family, so I want to talk about it briefly.What if you were performing at your best, peering expectantly at the audience for the comforting, proud glances of your parents, only to see two empty seats — no parents?At the beginning of “Ask for Your Advice for the Rest of my Life”, Lin zhizhi attends a band performance on the stage, but once again faces two empty seats in the audience. Her parents promised to watch her performance, but they reneged on their promise again.Soon after, Lin’s father, “Teacher Lin”, was not concerned about his daughter’s performance or professional ability, but whether she was out with friends again, drinking and going disco dancing.When Lin confirmed that her daughter had indeed gone out to “play”, she frantically ran to the scene to catch her.These early conflicts, suffocating, are typical.Parents, especially fathers, are extremely strict. They don’t seem to care what level you can achieve, but they just want you to listen.Because they’re going to think, I’m asking you to do this to make your life better.The opening conflict between Lin zhi and Lin Teacher perfectly illustrates this typical father-daughter relationship: the father’s position is that I want what’s best for you, while the daughter’s position is that I don’t need it.