Chuanshan district has taken multiple measures to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic after the Holiday

2022-05-16 0 By

The Spring Festival holiday ended, February 7, the district’s cadres and workers have returned to work, began the New Year’s work.In the past two days, the medical staff at the free nucleic acid testing points in the region have been extremely busy. The cadres and staff have carried out novel Coronavirus nucleic acid tests nearby.”Epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility.The Spring Festival holiday is a little special, so it’s inevitable for relatives and friends to get together. I think it’s my responsibility to take a nucleic acid test at work for all my colleagues, not only myself but also my company.”Yu Feng Garden square in the city, just finished nucleic acid testing Wang master told reporters.February 7 that day, reporters in the area found that the epidemic prevention measures carried out meticulously.At the entrance of the unit, there is a temperature detection point, and special personnel will check the body temperature and health code for the staff and employees in and out of the unit, so as to timely and accurately grasp the itinerary and health status of the staff returning to work during the Spring Festival.All units also regularly disinfect office floors, elevators, public toilets and other public areas and key parts.At the same time, strengthen the cleaning and health protection of the office environment, clean the garbage and sundry in the public area in time, so that every day, to prevent pollution……”People, things, the environment” with the same prevention and control, the use of scientific methods, to ensure that every worker smooth, orderly, safe return to the post, spirit into the start of the New Year work, continue to write a new wonderful New Year.Funshan Rong media reporter Bukkai Kuangji/photo