Prices have fallen, but what if you don’t buy in 2022?What do you think about that?

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Foreword People are very like to invest in the house, a lot of people have made a lot of wealth, it is understood that in 2020, China’s multimillionaires have 5% of the rich because of the house and become rich.In 2019, the per capita assets of urban households in China reached 3.179 million yuan, of which housing accounted for 70 percent.Over the past decade, the number of people buying their first home has declined, and the number of people buying their second or third home has increased, especially in 2018, when the number of people buying their first home was only 15%.In recent years, not many people actually buy houses to live in. Many people buy houses to make money.But prices have come down, so what happens if you don’t buy in 2022?What do you think about that?So why are people so willing to buy houses?The first point is that a house is a reliable harbor, and the second point is that buying a house is linked to their own interests. For example, children need a house when they go to school, and they also need a house when they get married.The third point is that in the previous decade or two, China’s investment and financial management was not very comprehensive. However, after the rapid development of real estate, the price of houses became higher and higher, so people felt that investing in real estate was profitable.In recent years, the financial product more and more of our country, so it’s not just rely on real estate to make money, if it is in the house had been bought by a decade ago, and now is really made a lot of money, especially in the years before 2015, the house price is not high, at that time after buying the house, the size of the price is very fast.It is known that in five years, it has even reached 300%, which means that you can make money by doing nothing.If we take a look at people’s wages in the past few years, although wages have risen, but the base of the increase is relatively small, if the house price is 20,000 to 30,000 yuan per square meter, it is really difficult to afford.The housing price in most cities is relatively high. If one wants to buy a house in a big city, he or she has to take out a loan.Have again is the speed that people’s income grows cannot exceed the speed that house price rises, for example a house is more than one million, if according to a year increase 5% comes to calculate, then it is 50 thousand yuan, if a month has 5000 yuan salary, the rise of a year is 10%, then also have 6000 yuan only.Even if you already have a down payment on a house, then you still have to pay the mortgage for 20 or 30 years.In many people’s eyes, China’s housing price only rises, but does not fall. However, from the second half of 2021, such an idea has begun to be broken, because China began to carry out macro-control on the real estate market, and formulated tightening financial policies.Since then, home prices have gone down, especially in November and December, 80 percent of the new home market is down, and even in the existing home market, more than 90 percent of the home prices are down.One economist, said in the previous two years, the proportion of investment real estate to make money haven’t reached 3%, especially in 2021, from the general rise in prices dropped to fell to the moment, haven’t spent half a year’s time, a lot of Fried house people because of the tight financial policy cause there’s no way to get more profits.Indeed, if you want to make money investing in houses, you have to grow by more than 7%.Even in shenzhen, a city with excellent development, the price of second-hand houses generally dropped by 10% last year. If the price of a house is 20 million yuan, then the house may be sold at a lower price of 5 million yuan, but there is still no one to buy.A lot of people are saying, should you buy a house this year now that house prices have started to fall?If you don’t buy, will your house be as expensive as gold or as cheap as green Onions in five years?In fact, the answer to this question, or from the inventory of the house, supply and demand relations and the demand of buyers.At present, the inventory pressure of China’s third – and fourth-tier cities is relatively large, more than 60% of the third – and fourth-tier cities have a lot of inventory.What’s more, supply exceeds demand, and only 10.62 million people were born in China last year, which means fewer people will buy houses in the future.The conclusion is whether gold price or green price, in fact, economist Ma Guangyuan gave the answer, that is, the phenomenon of polarization is very serious in the future, both phenomena will appear.Someone said, if not to buy a house this year after also don’t have to worry about 5 can’t afford it, because on the issue of the living, not only have to buy commercial housing this one channel, after the country will according to different categories of people’s living needs to build a house, for example, reside a room, talent housing, affordable housing, etc., so that people’s housing difficult problem will be solved.Today’s topic: If you don’t buy a house in 2022, will it be “gold price” or “green price” five years later?Ma Guangyuan understood