What is the basic information of confirmed cases in Taiyuan?Can the level of medical treatment meet the needs?Here comes the official response

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On February 24, a positive nucleic acid test was found in Taiyuan city, which was diagnosed as a confirmed COVID-19 case (mild).What is the basic information of confirmed cases in Taiyuan?What about teachers and students?Was the school environment sample negative?If the number of cases continues to increase, can the level of medical treatment in Taiyuan meet the needs?The Information Office of taiyuan Municipal Government held a press conference on the same day to respond to hot issues of public concern.What is the basic information of confirmed cases in Taiyuan?What about teachers and students?On 23rd February, during the active testing of the close contact and sub-contact personnel of novel Coronavirus positive cases in Xinzhou city, it was found that the confirmed case in Xinzhou went to the Senior High School of Taiyuan No.66 Middle School on the evening of 20th February, stayed for 10 minutes and then left the school.After receiving the report, the district-level leaders, public security, urban management, emergency response, health and sports, DISEASE control and local sub-district personnel arrived at no. 66 Middle School immediately to carry out the source tracing and nucleic acid sampling of all staff.At 18 o ‘clock on February 23, Jiancao District conducted nucleic acid tests on all relevant teachers and students of the school. At 23:39 on February 23, 10 students were reported to be mixed with suspicious positive samples. The district immediately arranged isolation and control of the 10 students in single rooms, and retests were conducted.The positive patient is a student of Taiyuan 66 Senior High School. He is 16 years old and a resident student. He has been in school since 18:13 on February 20, 2022, and has not gone out during this period.Taiyuan No. 66 Middle School is located in yingxin East Second street, Yingxin Street, Jiancao district. The school has two teaching buildings, namely junior middle school and senior middle school, which is a complete middle school.In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, Jiancao District continues to carry out tracing the source of the epidemic.The positive cases shall be subjected to deep flow adjustment, and the control measures shall be implemented for all the confirmed close contacts and sub-close contacts according to relevant regulations.Preliminary identification of 103 close contacts, 1,041 sub-close contacts.At the first time, 47 special vehicles and 50 medical support personnel were organized to ensure safe transport.At 10 am on February 24, all 103 contacts were transferred to a hotel in Jiancaocao District for centralized isolation and medical observation;At 13:30 PM, all the remaining teachers, students and staff were transferred to centralized isolation control, and a total of 1,200 isolation rooms in 14 isolation hotels were requisition.All the faculty and staff of the school and the co-residents of day students will be notified in advance to stay at home. According to the situation of tracing the source of the flow, the sub-close contacts will be transferred to centralized isolation hotels or “7+3” home isolation control measures will be taken. This work is currently under way, and it is expected that all control will be in place by 24:00 on The evening of 24th, and the first nucleic acid test will be completed.At present, jiancao District has completed nucleic acid sampling of the school environment and articles. A total of 66 environmental samples were collected, and the nucleic acid test results were all negative. All areas of the campus have been disinfected.If the number of cases continues to increase, can the level of medical treatment in Taiyuan meet the needs?If the number of cases continues to increase, what are the medical resources and capabilities of Taiyuan? Can they meet the medical needs?At a press conference held by the information Office of the Taiyuan municipal Government on The same day, the city clearly responded that 60 medical treatment teams with 705 personnel have been established, and the medical treatment resources and capabilities can meet the medical treatment needs.Taiyuan has coordinated medical treatment work effectively in accordance with the principle of “four early hours” and “four centralized sessions”.There is one designated hospital in the city, the Fourth People’s Hospital of Taiyuan with 123 negative pressure beds, and two reserve designated hospitals, namely fendong Hospital of Taiyuan Central Hospital and south inner ring Hospital of Taiyuan Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital.If the number of cases exceeds 100, building 1 of the Fourth People’s Hospital of Taiyuan will be completely vacated.When the number of cases exceeds 200, four inpatient buildings in fendong Phase II isolation ward of Taiyuan Central Hospital will be vacated sequentially.When there are more than 500 cases, the entire west Wing of the Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, a provincial reserve designated hospital, will be vacated to ensure that all cases are received and treated.At present, taiyuan’s four designated hospitals can fully meet the patient treatment work.On the basis of the existing medical treatment teams in the Fourth People’s Hospital of Taiyuan and taiyuan Central Hospital, Taiyuan has established 60 medical treatment teams with 705 people. At present, the medical treatment resources and capacity can meet the treatment needs.In addition, 8,000 isolation rooms were reserved in six districts of Taiyuan, and all of them were in place by 1800 on February 24.In order to reserve all kinds of drugs and protective materials in sufficient quantities, the city and county levels jointly stored six rounds of secondary nucleic acid testing reagents.We will improve contingency plans for epidemic prevention and control and people’s livelihood under emergency situations, with counties, cities and districts as units, communities as grids and maximum carrying capacity as the background.Source: Shanxi Daily