Xiyang County, Dazhai town: focus on attacking difficult points go all out to fight forest fire protection

2022-05-16 0 By

Spring is the critical period of forest fire prevention. In order to effectively improve the forest fire prevention work, Dazhai Town of Xiyang County thoroughly implemented the forest fire prevention work requirements of the province, city and county, and adapted measures to local conditions, focused on the key points, attacked difficulties and developed a strong team, and went all out to fight forest fire prevention.North Mu watchtower is located in dazhai Town flood area, Duzhuang area, Dazhai area interchange, high terrain, wide horizon, the surrounding 20 administrative villages in a panoramic view, “guard” function is obvious.Li Huaiying, a lookout in Dazhai Town, said: “Four of us guard every day and report immediately if we find anything.”Xiyang County Dazhai town village, piece big, dense forest, forest fire responsibility.Since entering the special risk period, Dazhai town closely related to the focus of forest fire prevention work, according to local conditions in the town of the highest elevation of the North Mu, Shangyuan, Fengju, Mengshan and other six set up a system of high lookout point, full coverage, no dead Angle, to ensure the discovery of suspicious smoke points, the first time reported for treatment.Spring is the seasons of forest fire, to strengthen the forest fire prevention and control work, fire in the “burning”, da-zhai town of perfecting the forest fire prevention work plan, and those responsible signed the fire prevention liability form 86, fire prevention publicity materials more than 16000 copies, posted 228 fire banners, signs, dispatched emergency, propaganda, patrol, 11 inspector chariots,Patrol the precinct continuously.The town has 7 key bayonet, 152 village-level bayonet and 76 village-level lookout points, so that early detection of fire, early elimination of hidden dangers, early extinguishment of fire.Dazhai Hutou Mountain forest Park in charge of Song Yibin said: “we patrol in sections every day, there are 12, 13 people, shift to eat, guard the concierge, guard the mountains on both sides, the good fire close, protect our green mountains.”[Edit: Bing Yi]