Xu Jingqing: one person to hold up the whole westward journey soundtrack, but by the netizen pain batch worship foreign obsequiate, pull down the altar

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Whenever this familiar and classic music starts, people can’t help recalling journey to the West.The opening part of journey to the West’s theme song, with its rare use of Western instruments, is a bold attempt, but a great success.You’d think the song would be inspired by its popularity.In fact, the inspiration of this song is derived from a few farmers walking while beating the box rice hum behavior, Xu Jingqing was thinking hard not to inspire, suddenly heard outside the window of the farmers beating box rice sound, inspiration suddenly, “Cloud Palace Thundering Sound” this song was born!The composition of the instruments in this song has been analyzed by professionals, and the variety is so complex that no one has ever surpassed it.Xu was named the Godfather of electronic music.It was such a masterpiece that almost died in infancy.What’s going on?The original panel found the addition of western instruments to the theme songs of the four classic classics inappropriate and unsupportive.Xu Jingqing said, “Since Sun Wukong represents the spirit of rebellion, why can’t the soundtrack rebel?” Yang Jie, the director, also believed that the song fits the connotation of the characters very well, so she decided to set the theme song of journey to the West.And across the country in the song “where does that leave dared ask” creative inspiration also has all roads lead to Rome, with the cloud GongXunYin Xu Jingqing was sitting on the bus to see the bustling crowd, gives birth to why people are living, thinking, 闫肃 teacher that “some times the spring and autumn winter and summer, numerous suantiankula.””Suddenly burst into his mind, he suddenly enlightened!But Xu Jingqing at that time the body did not bring paper also did not bring a pen, to their own anxious round and round, finally had to borrow a pen with the passing of the pupil, and his cigarette case removed, quickly will be their own music wild volatilization in the above.However is such a music crazy talent, why eventually end up a random security guards sent the point?He was supposed to be a badge of honor, in the spotlight and all the attention, but he ended up being casually dismissed by a security guard.Why doesn’t composer Xu Jingqing deserve a name when everyone else in Journey to the West is making millions?It’s a bitter SOB to talk about it.Dare to Ask where the Road Is once it was born, it won many honors. In 1998, the creative team was invited to participate in the celebration. The singer Jiang Dawei and the lyricist Yan Su were both invited to accept the award on stage, but Xu Jingqing was left behind and no one mentioned until the end.Mr. Xu finally mustered the courage to ask a television station, and when the staff heard that ABC was not far away, they agreed.A few days later, the staff of the duty room called Xu Jingqing and asked him to come and get his trophy.Should have stood in the spotlight to accept the trophy, but in the guard room, as take express general handed to himself, I do not know what kind of taste xu Jingqing’s heart at that time.In that era of weak property rights, very few people will give Xu Jingqing copyright fees, so that xu Jingqing realized after a long time that he can also get copyright fees.Xu Jingqing receives copyright fee formally for the first time still is in Han Han “after meeting life” in use “daughter affection” when this song, although have 30000 pieces only, but it is the highest authorization fee that he has obtained already.Xu Jingqing, who already enjoys copyright, could not help speaking out after his works were adapted, and why would he be blamed by fans for nothing?Song was randomly adapted cover, clearly is the victim of Xu Jingqing, but was the other fans of the “cordial greetings”., 2019 CCTV Mid-Autumn festival party, tan weiwei sang a modified version of “where does that leave dared ask, Xu Jingqing after listening to the creation of the deep sleep with her original connotation, run in opposite directions, so he couldn’t help on weibo to express his views on the matter, said he can’t accept this way of adaptation, and also have not received my songs based on authorization.Perhaps xu jingqing loves his songs like a child, which made his speech a little fierce, leading to some misunderstanding between the two sides. Tan’s fans launched a cordial greeting war for Xu.Finally, Tan Weiwei also came out to apologize, and said that he has always respected Xu Jingqing.He is a national composer of honor, want to give a concert but was questioned is rehash, just bad money.Xu Jingqing lives poor, others rely on the theme song of Journey to the West singing, cover won numerous awards and flower honors, but he was discarded in the corner, as if the soundtrack of Journey to the West has nothing to do with him.Xu Jingqing just wanted to enjoy a feast of his journey to the west, but was questioned and slandering, the road to realize the concert was difficult and long, finally realized at the age of 76, xu Jingqing will seriously participate in the crowd funding staff to write on the thank list, the concert even hid in the background to cry.Dong Qing once asked him if the concert would be too late, but Xu Jingqing said, “IT’s never too late to live.”This belongs to his journey to the west feast, finally after a lapse of 30 years, got what he wanted.Such a great composer as Xu Jingqing deserves our attention and memory forever