The United States is leading calls for citizens to leave Ukraine

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Tensions appear to be rising in Ukraine, with at least 10 countries following the United States’ call for citizens to leave the country immediately as more western weapons arrive in the country.The leaders of the United States and Russia have held their first phone call of the year on the situation in Ukraine, with President Joe Biden warning that the West will take swift action if Russia attacks.Is war imminent?Analysts believe that it is not appropriate to take the public opinion campaign as the main index to assess the situation in Russia and Ukraine, the United States and Russia will not easily touch their red lines.U.S. President Joe Biden spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone at 11 a.m. Wednesday.This is the second time since Last December that the two sides have communicated directly about the situation in Ukraine.In a phone call that lasted about an hour, Mr. Biden said the United States, along with its Allies, would respond decisively if Russia took actions on Ukraine’s border to escalate the situation.He stressed that the United States remained prepared to resolve the issue diplomatically, but was equally prepared to deal with other situations and would coordinate fully with its Allies.In response, Mr Putin said Russia did not understand why the US was deliberately spreading false information to the media that Russia was planning an “invasion” of Ukraine and that “hysteria” in the US over the Ukraine crisis was at its peak.He also said the US and NATO responses ignored the core and key issues of Russia’s security proposals.Russian Presidential aide Yuri Ushakov said the phone call was initiated by the U.S. and biden’s comment that the U.S. might impose severe sanctions on Russia if the situation in Ukraine worsens was not the focus of the call.According to the Kremlin’s website, Putin also spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Monday.The Russian and French leaders discussed information that Russia was planning an “invasion” of Ukraine, which Russia described as “provocative speculation”.Russia and Belarus exchanged views on the response of the United States and NATO to Russia’s security guarantee proposal.As tensions continue to rise, at least 10 countries have warned their citizens to leave Ukraine.Us National Security Adviser Michael Sullivan said at a press conference on Thursday that US citizens should leave Ukraine in the next 24 to 48 hours.The US State Department on Wednesday ordered most of its employees at the Us Embassy in Ukraine to leave the country and suspended consular services from Wednesday.The U.S. Department of Defense also issued a statement, defense Secretary Austin 12 ordered the withdrawal of 160 Florida National Guard members from Ukraine.At least 10 countries, including Japan, Britain, Australia, Germany and Israel, quickly followed suit, calling on their citizens to leave Ukraine immediately.Japan has raised its danger level across Ukraine to the highest level due to further tensions in the country, the Foreign Ministry said Thursday, urging Japanese citizens in the country to evacuate immediately.The British Foreign Office said Thursday that it was advising people not to travel to Ukraine and that British citizens still in the country should leave as soon as possible.The British government says it will continue to evacuate its embassy staff from Ukraine.Australian Prime Minister Morrison on Tuesday urged Australians to leave Ukraine as soon as possible.”Our advice is clear, this is a dangerous situation — you should seek ways to leave Ukraine,” he said at a briefing that day.Germany’s foreign Ministry said Thursday it is asking Its citizens to leave Ukraine because of the tense border situation.German Foreign Minister Berberk revealed that the German embassy in Ukraine will remain open, but the number of staff will be reduced.Israeli Defense Minister Olaf Gantz has ordered the Israeli defense Forces to prepare for a possible evacuation of Israeli nationals from Ukraine, an official in his office said Sunday.In addition, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, the Netherlands and other countries have also made the same call.The Russian embassy in Ukraine said “the embassy is optimising its staffing and continues to operate as normal”.Zhao Long, a researcher at the Shanghai Institute of International Studies, said the U.S. is deliberately creating tension by leading calls for citizens to leave Ukraine, and does not mean war is likely to break out soon.As for why the US is playing up the crisis, Zhao Long believes it is mainly due to internal and external needs.Internally, the unprecedented level of inflation makes it imperative for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates on a large scale. Biden’s performance in dealing with the epidemic and inflation is not satisfactory, so he needs to create “fear of war” to transfer pressure and attract us dollars to return with the interest rate hike.Externally, the US needs to suppress the EU’s tendency of “strategic autonomy” and lead the west in setting the agenda and controlling the pace of the game against Russia.On the other hand, Russia is not in a hurry to “put out the fire”, because it hopes to take advantage of the US “Indo-Pacific first” global strategic layout adjustment, continue to exert pressure on the West through the Russia-Ukraine crisis, force NATO to respond positively to Russia’s demands for mutual security guarantee, and take the opportunity to reshape the regional security architecture.Zhao Long stressed that active exaggeration and passive cooperation to create a crisis is a policy tool for the US and Russia to exert maximum pressure on each other. Russia does not have the urgent need to “invade” Ukraine and does not have the objective conditions to launch a “surprise attack”, and the US and Russia will not easily touch their respective red lines.Therefore, it is inappropriate to take the public opinion campaign as the main indicator to evaluate the current situation between Russia and Ukraine. A new round of political and security dialogue may also be resumed in the near future.Xinmin Evening News reporter Wang Ruoxian