West Ham v Newcastle united score prediction

2022-05-17 0 By

West Ham will host Newcastle united in the premier League clash at 8.30pm on February 19.West Ham, who finished sixth last season, are currently fifth after 25 games with 12 wins, five draws and eight losses.Newcastle, who finished 12th in the premiership last season, have escaped the relegation zone by winning four, drawing nine and losing ten in 23 games this season.History: West ham have won 14, drawn 11 and lost 23 in their last 48 meetings, scoring 60 goals and conceding 79.West Ham are five wins, two draws and three defeats in their last 10 games, scoring 19 goals and losing 13, with a win rate of 50% and a 70 per cent unbeaten record, and are 3-2 in their last five games.Newcastle have four wins, two draws and four defeats in their last 10 games, scoring nine goals and losing 15, with a 40% win rate and a 60% unbeaten record, with three wins, one draw and one defeat in their last five games.West Ham have had their ups and downs of late, while Newcastle have been picking up form after their winter signings, winning their last few games in a row against mediocre teams.This game against the top of the table West Ham united will be a real test of the team’s strength.The score is 2-2,2-2# soccer ## Soccer #