Don’t let those who support the truth feel cold

2022-05-18 0 By

Years fade away, but still lingering.It is a pity that the anchors concerned about the February 8 incident are at war again in the aftereffects of the year.Recently, anchors supporting Xu Ma began to tear old fan yi.Old fan yi has been supporting Xu Ma a high degree, knowledge, eloquence, and have the right cognition and thinking ability of justice anchor.But because he said a word :918 before the trial, Yao Wei has withdrawn the lawsuit huaihe Hospital.Therefore, xu Fang anchor and some netizens who support Xu Fang began to deny this famous anchor in Xu Ma supporters.Yesterday, several anchors were heard in succession berating him with righteous indignation.Whenever the anchor fights with each other, I am glad that I regard a certain sound as a post station to understand the dynamic situation, and the headline watermelon video is my main position.If you have been entangled in a certain sound, maybe one day because of a wrong word, will also fall into the inexplicable Internet storm.What’s more, for me, doing “we media” is just to keep pace with The Times, more is to quietly learn to improve myself.Especially support xu Ma anchors, when one has been regarded as justice anchor exit, some backwater, some away from the network, are regret!I do not know is cold heart, or they have to withdraw, perhaps they have more unwilling.Because in the network, anchors not only gain meters, but also gain growth, knowledge, thinking, pattern and so on.Therefore, whenever xu du two anchors suffered network violence, as a bystander and many netizens, always look forward to not tear off each other, even between Xu and Du, or between xu fang anchor, du Fang anchor.Once there is a difference of opinion, communication is more than mutual tear.The more tear, anchor more no flow, we take off, see some people’s true colors.It seems that I am still such a choice is correct, or by feeling and hair write, or enjoy reading, modern and classical crisscross enjoy, only feel time is not enough.This is still in the holiday, when the holiday is over, back to normal work and life, but also busy to take time to write, especially luxury time.Let alone causing trouble, affecting mood and wasting precious time.Since last March, support Xu Ma to find the truth, but also because uncle paid a painful price, for uncle.”Try to keep a low profile and take good care of my uncle,” he wrote under Tian’s video during the Spring Festival.Some people praised support, also some people began to ask, “and you have a relationship”, I really want to say how it doesn’t matter, I may be earlier than you pay attention to February 8 event, is xu Ma’s loyal supporter.There is also a message said: happiness does not need to sun?Can of course oh, but also do not frequently bask in too many details, low-key enjoy the family reunion happiness, as long as the heart joy is not desolate, where is happiness oh!Sometimes I think, if I have been in douyin frequently appear, or live or even mai talk and so on May suffer from some people’s undeserved network violence!After all, network violence can not withstand, writing or reading, let the heart rich and quiet, calm and practical, is the life you want.Do not want to put many people into life, more do not want to arbitrarily break into other people’s space.Not like some people are for the so-called flow to lose themselves, such flow would rather not.Seeing the video, Old Fan said that he would not quit the network and be subjected to Internet abuse, and he would bear it.That’s how you prepare for it, not when you’re caught in a net attack and you either turn back or run away.Hopefully, if the people who support Xu Ma come for the truth, seek common ground while putting aside differences, and promise each other not to fall to the end for a point of view, which makes people surprised.In particular, what is not acceptable is the generous criticism in the live broadcast room, the public screen also waving flags and Shouting, echoing from a distance.Is to come for the truth, or to tear each other as fast, do not tear not fast for flow and come, really walk in 28 road, spoil the scenery!Attention to February 8 events, is a test of the anchor’s position is firm?Is it training the anchors’ willpower?It’s also a test of human nature.Network violence results, can only force some justice anchor exit.Once there was an anchor, in uncle because of trust someone but angry imbalance, he even mai said some heartfelt words infected a lot of people live broadcast, still lingering sound, fresh memories.I remember that I immediately paid attention to him. In fact, I would not pay attention to ordinary anchors casually because he moved everyone by supporting Uncle Xu.However, now passing a sound studio, many people are accusing the anchor, really do not want to see this scene.I hope that the anchors who support Uncle Xu’s mother and mother should tolerate each other and not tear each other to the end for a point of view, forcing the justice anchors to quit one by one.Although some people say that we will not stop looking for the truth because of the exit of the anchor on the truth road, but the occurrence of such anchor exchange, so that everyone is cool, or not good.I hope the anchors will unite and go hand in hand with Xu’s mother and uncle to the end!Never give up!