Basic concepts of creativity

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Creativity actually contains two kinds of ability components: one is to build and form, the other is to break through and innovate.”Construction-forming” refers to the ability to construct and form problems, ideas, sensible schemes, objects that lead to the existence of things.”Breakthrough innovation” refers to the ability to break through an old state or an existing state to lead to new developments and new things.Construction and formation is the logical use of existing knowledge, breaking through innovation and testing is to break old experience constraints and discover new connections.In flow creation, the ability of these two components is the unity of separable idle if a person only innovation process, with content to build the ability of shape change, finally unable to form new things get new achievements, unable to realize creation: if a person only will be built to form the ability of no breakthrough innovation, although can build things, but the lack of new idea, just old or imitation, reproduction of existing things.Therefore, construction and formation are the key components of creativity, while breakthrough and innovation are the creative components of creativity and the soul of creativity.The subject of creativity is creative thinking.The so-called creative thinking refers to the process of thinking that the human brain carries out valuable exploration of objective things to obtain original results.American, psychologist Kolesshik thinks: “creative thinking refers to the process of inventing or discovering a new way to deal with something or express something.”All the achievements of human activities are always reflected as thinking achievements first, and then transformed into material achievements through practice. Creation is no exception. People always obtain creative material achievements through creative thinking achievements.Creative thinking is a thinking activity reflected in the process of generating new ideas and new things, and the process of creation is mainly the process of creative thinking.Creative thinking is actually a kind of comprehensive thinking, which refers to the creative application of various forms of thinking.Creativity is an innate human ability.Creative thinking is a kind of activity pattern of thinking, and thinking activity is the biological genetic attribute of human species.The curiosity and desire to explore expressed in infancy and childhood indicates the existence of creativity.This curiosity and desire to explore under the control of various practices is a primary creative act.Just because human beings are born with this ability, they can constantly break through the constraints of their existing knowledge and experience system, carry out new practices, acquire new experience and knowledge, build their own new knowledge and experience system, and promote the thinking from simple to complex.Creativity is with everyone at all stages of development.