011 issue blessing color ball sharing, “hide the first day, hide but 15”

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In our life, we occasionally hear a saying: “If you can hide from the first day, you can’t hide from the fifteenth day.”It is similar to the saying, “It is a blessing, not a curse, but a curse that cannot be avoided.”It means there are some things you can’t escape.For example, the machine we use breaks down during work today, which I can’t escape, even if I calculate the schedule perfectly, such a failure risk is always present.Although the machine was known to fail, it continued to be used due to resource constraints, and at some point, it would crash.A person should face some things, have to face, can not rely on escape.Like a debt you owe someone, no matter how long you have to pay it back.In the past, those creditors would go to collect their debts during the Chinese New Year, so those who owed their debts would not be at home on the first day of the Chinese New Year, hiding their debts everywhere, but they could not hide their debts every day, and saying that if you leave, your home is still there is the same as saying that “a monk who can run away can not escape the temple”.So, it is better to be practical, the things to solve their own or summon up the courage to solve their own early.Don’t give people a bad name.Even if your life is tough, face up to problems when you encounter them. Running away will never solve them.”If you can hide, you can’t hide.”In lottery sharing, can “one” or “fifteen” consider the combination of blue numbers?Lottery people participate in lottery betting, whether can be lucky to win the prize, all by good luck, at any time do not go to opportunism, useless.Rational participation, entertainment oriented.The last drawing result of lucky color double ball, red number: 12, 18, 19, 20, 21, 32, blue number: 15 red number combination came out of the “four even code”, which is rare in the history of lucky color double ball drawing.Blue number combination, xiaobian personal advice, “can not hide 15”.Good luck who are eager for this, rational view of lottery participation, for the lottery is a kind of luck.It’s a blessing, not a curse.Everything is natural, whether good or bad, is yours, can not hide.2022011 issue of lucky double color ball sun ticket share, wish friends good luck.Everything should be optimistic, people have thousands of calculations, day has a calculation.Leaves fall each period, bloom from sometimes.The article first hundred home number, by “caijing heart said”, original editor, do not reprint without permission!