Guizhou E-commerce cloud donated 20 tons of vegetable supplies to Shanghai

2022-05-21 0 By

At 2 am this morning, 20 tons of vegetable supplies donated to Shanghai by Guizhou E-commerce Cloud Operation Co., Ltd. through the “One Code Guizhou” platform arrived in Shanghai, and will be delivered by 5 PM.In recent years, The epidemic situation in Shanghai has been severe, and the whole city has adopted static management.For helping Shanghai victory over the outbreak at an early date, guizhou electric ShangYun Shanghai fixed point coordinate company and the Shanghai municipal federation of trade unions to donate 20 tons of vegetable materials, such as potato, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, white radish, saic will be assigned to Shanghai on air, port group and Shanghai construction group, three units involved in pudong, minhang district, jiading district.”Thanks for the free support of Guizhou E-commerce Cloud Company, which has given Shanghai citizens great help and encouragement in spirit and life.I am confident that with the concerted efforts of the whole society, mutual help and support, we will win the battle against the epidemic.”Shanghai federation of trade unions related person in charge said.Guizhou daily Sky eye news reporter Fang Yali editor Zhu Dengfang editor Sun Xiaorong