The child took the ultraman and asked grandma to guess what it was?Grandma replied to make me laugh: It’s the generation gap

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The child likes Ultraman very much. Today, he points to an Ultraman soldier and asks grandma what is this?Grandma answered very quickly, that is the cow demon king;He points to the second Ultraman and says what is this?Grandma answered quickly again, “Ne Zha”;And this third one, what is it?Grandma hesitated and said, “The King of silver Horns.”I laugh at the side of a water gushed, along while did not slow down.Before always put an end to children with Altman contact, but gradually also compromise, not only bought a lot of altman cards, but also bought a big collection delete, his baby collection.I also bought related toys and watched Ultraman TV.Now he speaks so well to so many Ultraman, all of whom look the same to me, that he can not only recognize which ultraman it is, but also can and can tell the killer skills and hand gestures, I am amazed.No wonder his grandmother can not understand, this is definitely the product of The Times, the old man only journey to the West, which know what Ultraman?Now the children in the school also imitate Altman, he and his classmates also exchange these, and often imitate altman’s actions, always release the killing skills.Really very worry, what method can change?# Jinzhou City Incident #