What to buy for the new term?Send children to read lang AI learning machine C30

2022-05-21 0 By

Spring new semester has opened, means that the daughter is getting closer and closer to the entrance examination.In the middle school entrance examination diversion and offline tutoring classes have closed the case, I have some anxiety.Last year, I took my daughter to offline stores of major brands to experience their learning machines in order to help her find out what she missed in the middle school entrance exam and provide her with better study help.Finally, we unanimously selected a Gurang AI learning machine flagship C30.Next, I would like to share my daughter’s experience of using this learning machine, hoping to provide suggestions for children and parents.1. AI precision — Accurately check and fill up the deficiency, so that teaching in accordance with students’ abilities can be realized. This Dulang AI learning machine C30 has built-in AI precision function, and the daughter only does a few questions when using it for the first time.And for each knowledge point and test point configuration of the corresponding video and supporting exercises.In the past, when my daughter learned new knowledge, she would only brush a lot of questions to consolidate, but with the AI precision function, my daughter can accurately check and fill up the gaps in the weak points, and greatly improve learning efficiency.In addition, this kind of path of huge textbook knowledge also allows the daughter to learn from each particle of knowledge, making the learning process easier.2. AI growth planner — Learning with planning and growth with company This time, one of the important reasons for purchasing Gurang AI learning machine C30 is to value its unique AI growth planner function.After further understanding, we know that this function is customized for children by Gurang’s professional planning team based on the global theory of multiple Intelligence and other famous education theories.In this function, there is an exclusive sprint mode for middle school examinees — 100-day accompany plan for high school entrance examination. I believe this mode can help my daughter scientifically plan the fragmented time after school and devote herself to sprint before the exam.In addition to academic improvement, the daughter will also use the nine-dimension ability training mode of dynamic task in this function to cultivate her own interests and hobbies. Appropriate relaxation not only alleviates the daughter’s anxiety before the examination, but also unexpectedly enables the daughter to discover her interest and talent in the field of art.In the course of study and interest expansion, she had a preliminary understanding and planning of her future life.3. Application of massive resources — Efficient improvement of high-quality resources and filling of gaps in the four major sectors. Before, my daughter always complained to me that she did not have a thorough understanding of the learning content and did not know how to consolidate and improve what she had learned after class.This AI learning machine, C30, has built-in learning resources covering all grades and subjects. The daughter can select basic consolidation, excellent training and promotion or thematic content according to her own needs to make up for omissions after class and review the content she did not master in class.In addition, this learning machine also has built-in AI learning, synchronous teaching assistance, expansion and promotion, my application four content plates, no matter what weaknesses and loopholes in my daughter’s learning, can be targeted to check and fill the gaps, I do not need to spend extra time to help my daughter’s lessons.Since the daughter has used this learning machine, the efficiency of writing homework has been significantly improved, it is really a time-saving and efficient tool.The above is my daughter’s real feeling of using Gurang AI learning machine C30 for more than a month. I have no idea how to tutor the content of junior high school. It is better to choose a professional product than blindly anxious, so that our parents can rest assured that our children can learn comfortably.As the saying goes: “to do good work, we must first sharp its tools”, Reading Lang AI learning machine C30 can meet the needs of children’s personalized independent learning, is a high-quality choice for children to fill gaps.