Wine industry news | Bancheng wine industry waist products account for more than 40% sprint

2022-05-21 0 By

Recently, Bancheng Wine industry held a strategic communication meeting for 2022 core distributors in Beijing.According to the meeting, Bancheng Wine will adhere to the three grid construction in 2022, focus on core products, and carry out key sales and promotion actions around the core goals and key work;Continue to optimize the proportion of product structure, in 2022 waist strategic product sales accounted for more than 40% sprint, strive to reach more than 60% in the 14th five-year period, follow the rhythm of the company to focus on core products, the formation of manufacturers with the same frequency resonance, successfully overfulfilled the annual task.In addition, it also puts forward clear execution strategies for the alliance core store signing, three grid construction, banquet activities execution and other specific work.