Country Chronicle: Cheating mothers

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Photo 2: Big Vulgar photography Mother, who had not been home for a year, surprised a village when she came back.Before my mother went out, she was a very untidy rural woman, who could not wash her hair for days and could roll up her trousers and jump into a smelly sty to feed the pigs.Less than a year away, she came back to learn how to paint her eyebrows and powder her shoes, the heels of which were fully two inches high.Walk buttocks a twist a twist, talk dia sound dia gas.More importantly, in the village before, the mother to the grocery store to buy a few dollars of things, and people because of a piece of eight hair haggling for a long time, now the mother is rich, buy hundreds of dollars of things do not blink.A lot of people see father said, Stone baby, your life ah, there is a capable wife.Shiwa is my father’s name. My mother always said my father was a man of his own name.Can’t talk like a stone, what others say he can only hey hey giggle.When people said my father had a good fortune and a good wife, my father just chuckled.He lowered his head, dropped his crutch and hopped away, an empty trouser leg swinging back and forth in the air.My father lost a leg when he fell off a building while working at a construction site. The contractor’s boss ran away because of the compensation, and my father didn’t get a penny of compensation.After my father’s accident, I remember my mother kneeling in front of the doctor, crying and asking the doctor to save my father.Mother said it would cost everything to keep my father alive.My father’s life was saved, but he lost a leg and was a cripple.The crippled father was unhappy, and several attempts to commit suicide were stopped by mother.His father cried and told his mother that he was a cripple and let him go to hell. To live would not help the family at all, but would be a drag on it.Mother also tearfully said to father, you are a man, although you have no ability to work, but as long as you live, will always be the pillar of the family.You left us orphans and widowed.Father looked for several times to die, the mother hugged his father cried several times.Mother’s tears moved father, father promised mother to live a good life.People live to eat and drink, father has no ability to work, the family has no income, life is very difficult, we sometimes can not buy a bag of noodles.Mother said to father, the living can not let the urine suffocate, she had to go out to work.The day before mother was to go out, father did not sleep well all night, the next day red eyes agreed to mother.The day my mother walked, my father took my mother to the village with crutches. He couldn’t see her anymore. He threw the crutches and sat on the ground crying like a child.In the first few months when she went out to work, my mother called home almost every night. She said she was washing dishes in a restaurant, eating well and living warm. The boss was also kind to her and told us not to worry.Whenever my father received her mother to earn money, my father always silently lowered his head and did not know what to think, looking at my father’s lonely appearance inexplicable uncomfortable in my heart.When mother is not in the day, father is nothing like leaning on crutches a person silently sitting in the village, a sitting is a long time, it is not dark do not go home.Someone in the village saw the father smile deliberately and asked him, what’s wrong?I miss my wife.Father did not speak, would only be honest smile, no one knew what father was thinking.Day by day, mother went out in the first month to see the Spring Festival has not come back.I also count the number of days my mother walked, often on the phone to ask when my mother will come back.Mother gradually did not answer my father and I call, sometimes not easy to get through the phone, mother impatient to say a few words on the phone hang up.Nothing, I also like to sit at the head of the village overlooking, hope that the mother suddenly appeared in my mother, hug me affectionately said, baby, mother came back!As the year drew near, there was no sign of mother.Someone saw me overlooking the village, deliberately joking: “Don’t wait, your mother does not want you.”I can’t tell if the speaker is joking or telling the truth.I hate people who say it anyway, and I often glare at them with hate.Once again someone in the village came to me and said, “Don’t wait. Your mother doesn’t want you and won’t come back.”My anger finally boiled over and I shouted to the speaker, “Your mother doesn’t want you anymore!”The man walked away dejectedly.My heart sinks and sinks into the bottomless abyss.Mom, when are you coming back? Are you sure you don’t want me?I cried alone in secret.Mother came home, not alone, but with a potbellied, balding man who looked about my grandfather’s age.Mother said the man was her boss and wanted us to visit the old town and come back with her.Although mother brought home an unrelated man, our family was happy.Father listened to the mother said that the man is the mother’s boss, buttering up, leaning on a crutch jump jump gallantly to give the man cigarette pour tea.I don’t think that man is a good man, mother told me to call him uncle.I did not call out, but turned away.Mother scolded me for my lack of parenting.My father cooked in the kitchen with a cane under his arm and I helped him.The room rang with wild laughter from the mother and the man.I picked vegetables distractedly, picking celery down to a stick.Father scolded me for being stupid and spoiling good food.My father scolded me, threw down the vegetables do not pick, rushed out of the kitchen I, bored to turn a circle back home.Mother and the old man were still in the room, the door ajar.I gently pushed the door open and saw something I never wanted to see in my life, my mother and the old man cuddling and eating.What are you doing?I blurted out a loud rebuke.”Shame on you!I shouted.My mother blushed and came up to me and tried to say something.I pushed my mother away and yelled, “Get away from me, disgusting!”Mother’s face a change, suddenly a slap hate to fan in my face, curse way, rabbit son, kui I for you to eat for you to wear, dog son feeding into a Wolf son!It’s filthy! I don’t want anything from you anymore!I wouldn’t budge, tearing frantically at the new clothes my mother had bought me to wear.Father heard the noise, leaning on his crutches stumbled over, saw me tearing my clothes, and saw mother in tears, and beat me again.My face burned and I was slapped in the face by two people closest to me.I was stunned, and then “wow” to a cry, rushed out of the door and ran out.Crying while running, wondering why?It was dark and I took refuge in an abandoned cave in the village.My father repeatedly called my name, his voice hoarse and clearly crying.The old cave was dark, and a rat ran past me screaming.I finally could not help but walk out, timidly called out, Dad.Father heard me call him, and gave a loud answer.When he saw me on crutches, he jumped rather than walked.Jumping, the father fell heavily on the ground.I ran to my father and hugged him. He shivered in my thin, thin arms.I picked up my father, picked up my father’s crutches and gave them to him, saying, dad, let’s go home.We walked slowly back in the dark, our father and daughter supporting each other, the village dogs barking all the way.When I got home, my mother was gone, and so was the man who had come with her.Mother in the New Year would have been a family reunion time to go away.My father looked at me and said, “Your mother left, but because your mother’s place to work temporarily have something urgent to go.”My father looked at me carefully as he said this.Fool the devil!I thought to myself.I mean, dad, actually today is about…You have no sense!My father interrupted.How can I not understand, you know mother and that man…”Well,” he interrupted again, “if you are hungry, Daddy will bring you some food.I don’t understand. Do you understand?At that moment I felt pitiful and hateful.The father was stunned, tears slowly trickled down, and said, “My son, what do you want dad to do?”Dad gets it, but what are we gonna do without your mom?Daddy wanted to die, but daddy couldn’t leave you!Dad!I threw myself into my father’s arms again and he and I had a good cry.Mother left completely this time. She stopped answering our calls and stopped giving us any money after all the fuss I made.The mother came back with the divorce papers.My father signed the divorce papers trembling, then slumped into a chair.Her mother, who was holding the divorce papers, also cried, tears falling on the divorce papers.Watching my mother get into the car of the old man who came to our house last time, I suddenly felt empty and heartless.As the car drove away, my mother put her head out and said, “Take good care of your father!”I wanted to wave to my mother, but my hands didn’t go up.The car sped away.Watching the car take mother away, I suddenly feel that mother is also a poor person.Neither the father nor the mother is to blame in this case.What went wrong?God knows, fate knows!