Lang Lang’s wife attended the event, wearing a long black dress with a slender waist and delicate face like a Rag Doll

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In a recent update on her weibo account, Lang lang’s wife wrote: “Last night, we had the pleasure of meeting the designer at the” ALAIA summer/Autumn 2022 “presentation in Paris.”Gina, wearing a long black dress, sparked a heated discussion on the Internet.Gina, with her curly hair and delicate makeup, looks even cuter with pink eye shadow and lipstick.Gina’s skin is very white, with a light pink, she looks very good, Gina is wearing a black dress, a black belt around the waist, Gina looks like a beautiful doll.Another shows Gina posing with a handsome designer, her face earnest and a bag in her hand.The designer looked at Gina.Gina’s beauty, let the Internet look dumbfounded, “so thin waist, Gina sister really good”.Earlier, Gina was pictured with her mother in a tight pink T-shirt with a bun.She put an arm around her husband and stood smiling between him and her mother-in-law.Lang lang’s mother was fashionably dressed in a floral blouse and curly hair.Her skin was fair, her face was wrinkle-free, and she looked very young, as well as her beautiful young daughter-in-law.She has posted other pictures of Gina sitting in a chair with her hair pulled up high and make-up done to make her look adorable.Wearing pearl earrings and a tight pink sweater that accentuated her curves, Gina was the perfect elf.Gina was a happy family, doted on by her husband, and had a lovely baby, a perfect life. Gina was so beautiful that no one could not love her.