New Development of Shandong Spring Festival Culture: 1950-1959

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The Spring Festival is China’s most ceremonious and grandest traditional festival, paste Spring Festival couplets, hang red lights, visit temple fairs, New Year’s Eve stay up…It is a joyous and peaceful time for people to get together and bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new.On the 15th day of the first lunar month, the Lantern Festival is followed by the Spring Festival, where people enjoy lanterns, guess lantern riddles, walk on stilts, dance dragon and lion…Hot and cheerful.With the development and progress of The Times, the way people celebrate the festival is constantly changing, the cultural connotation of the Spring Festival Lantern Festival is constantly enriched, unchanged is our waiting for the reunion and the yearning for the New Year.Shandong Library selected Spring Festival and Lantern Festival photos from shandong newspapers and divided them into seven stages over a 10-year period.Review the past Spring Festival customs, taste the new development of Shandong festival culture.In 1956, Chairman MAO proposed the “Double Hundred Policy” of “let a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend”, which became the guiding principle for the prosperity of literature and art and the development of science and culture.In the early days when new China was founded, people’s life was not rich, but they attached great importance to the Spring Festival. They set off firecrackers, cut window flowers, wrote Spring Festival couplets, and danced yangko songs. They went to cooperative supply and marketing agencies to buy some sweet candy that they did not want to buy at ordinary times.Cultural palace and cultural station hold various Spring Festival performances and get-togethers.Workers will also form visiting groups to exchange production experience with farmers in the countryside and hold a worker-farmer get-together.The film team went deep into the countryside to carry out recreational activities and show films for farmers, which not only enriched people’s lives but also realized propaganda and education.Condolence to the families of servicemen and servicemen is also an important part of the Spring Festival. People visit the homes of servicemen and servicemen and women with glorious lights and gifts to express their respect and concern.Dazhong Daily 3902 February 6, 1954 Issue 3902 February 7, 1954 Issue 3903 Dazhong Daily 3905 February 9, 1954 Issue 4259 February 3, 1955 Issue 4630 February 12, 1956 Issue 3 Dazhong 1956The 2nd edition of Chiping District Library of Liaocheng City chiping District, China Daily, Feb. 15, 1956 the 2nd edition of Chiping District, Feb. 15, 1956 the 2nd edition of Chiping District, Feb. 15, 1956 the 4th edition of Chiping District, Feb. 17, 1958 the 4th edition of Chiping District, Feb. 8, 1959 the 2nd edition of Taian County Newspaper, Feb. 6, 1957 the 1st edition of 38 source: Wechat public number of Chiping District Library, Liaocheng City