The Flower of Happiness (seventy-five) Welcome the God of wealth on the fifth day of the New Year

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In 2022, the Year of the Tiger will be full of power and wings.Today is the fifth day of the first month to welcome the god of wealth into the house.In my memory, our family from the fourth night of the first month 11:00 p.m., began to very reverently, respectfully ready to meet the god of wealth tribute.I often hear mom and dad said: “today we have to pay tribute to the god of wealth after breakfast chicken ready.Because tomorrow is the fifth day of the lunar New Year, fortune, five blessings, xi and welcome it.”In those days, we had a very big yard.There are various spices in the yard, such as ginger, garlic, chives, coriander and so on.In addition, many vegetables are planted.There are green vegetables, including spinach, leek, radish, carrots and so on.There are also some vegetable plots outside our yard, which are used to grow rape, sesame, sweet potato and corn.All these fields were cultivated by my father with one hoe after another, and he built bamboo fences around them.In our courtyard, near the right corner of the fence, my father got the help of a good friend who was a mason. Together, he built a large brick fence.The fence can keep more than 200 local chickens, as well as dozens of red ducks and dozens of large white geese.In the case of heavy rain in summer or freezing weather and heavy snow in winter, poultry are generally not raised, but are fed and kept warm in fences.Because, in the past when there has been bad weather, these birds have been put out too many lost, never to find home.Our family is distressed at the loss of our precious heart.Even if returned to the home of a wet, have become drenched, or cold shivering all over.And there are so many stories about raising these birds.On normal sunny days, the birds are released and left to forage on pear Hill.But feeding corn, rice bran, vegetables and the like twice a day is indispensable.When we were out in the morning or back in the stockade at night, we would sow corn or rice sugar and throw the leaves, and feed the little animals well.Only when the elves are at rest can our master go to bed in peace.When the weather is good, they are usually released on pear hill.Because, our house is built on the edge of the pear orchard.When I go out and stand in my yard, I can see large mountains of pear trees, mountains of tea and green vegetable fields.We are not the only one here. There are many fruit farmers, tea farmers and vegetable farmers who have built their houses here.What’s more, there is a lotus pond at the foot of pear.For me, this place is a paradise.Here, when it comes to raising chickens, I’d like to use the word “mixed emotions.”Why is that?Everything is not easy!Picking up eggs every day hurts.Because there are so many hens, there are more than 100 pure hens.If fed well, the hens lay nearly a hundred eggs a day.You said it is very troublesome to pick up eggs, must be careful not to break.On one occasion, our eight-year-old little sister was just scrambling to pick up eggs and carry them, accidentally tripping over a green vegetable leaf and slipping down.Fortunately, the basket of more than 30 eggs was propped up on the ground and only a few were smashed, leaving the basket of clean eggs sticky.Just wash them off with clean water.In case you didn’t know.It is not only to pick up the eggs from the nest, but also to pick up the eggs, that is, to pick up each large and small eggs.Every day there are people who come to collect eggs.Because they’re all booked.Large eggs are sold by the point, the price is good;A small egg can be weighed on a scale.In fact, the difference is not big, but the “appearance” is different, cast its good.Of course, keeping a chicken at home is convenient to enjoy the delicious and healthy chicken!On several traditional festivals or weekends every year, the children will have chicken to eat, or even chickens weighing one jin, one for each person.According to our grandparents, only one piece of chicken from each chicken is healthy.”Each of you must guard your own cooked chicken!”Grandma and Grandpa smiled and said, “Otherwise, someone will wonder who will lose by stealing your only nutritious piece of chicken.”Of course, it’s fun!These things are very strong in my childhood memory.Oh, right.Just talking about eggs, as well as duck eggs, goose eggs, each bigger than the other, think very happy, especially a sense of achievement.The chickens are ready to greet the god of wealth.This is a complete chicken slaughter, after cutting, hang up air dry water, put into the pot to boil or simmer between water, wait to be cooked, open the pot out, into the chic porcelain plate, affixed with big red paper — fragrant, golden and shiny, plus a square red paper, more devout, solemn, dignified.In addition to the whole chicken, there are whole duck, whole fish, pig’s head, candy, biscuits, etc., are suitable for offering.Pineapples, bananas and oranges, for example, are excellent fruit offerings that must be kept fresh;Tea worship table pure heart;Flowers offering, such as: peony, chrysanthemum, narcissus and so on, gorgeous wealth, hope to have the meaning of the more worship more wealth.Five blessings to meet the god of wealth, in addition to preparing food offerings, but also must have “candle incense”.The purpose of burning incense candles is to illuminate the way between people and god, but also on behalf of wealth, light, prosperity, good luck.Life, longevity, longevity long;② Rich, rich, rich and noble;③ Kangning, healthy body and peace of mind;(4) good virtue, kind and charitable nature;⑤ A good death, the end of life, not by accident, peaceful and comfortable.Welcome to comment + comments.For more, check out the young Writers Network’s signed writer, Piggy Cookie’s mother.