“My granddaughter is about to find a police object, speak truth!”

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“My granddaughter is going to look for a police object, speak truth!”Wang, from Hangzhou’s West Lake district, choked up as she said this to Police officer Jiang Yongtao.What is it that makes Grandma Wang make such an exclamation?At 14:56 on February 14, according to Chinese tradition, the 14th day of the first lunar month was still in the first month, which should have been a day for family members to get along with each other. However, Yuquan Police Station of Xihu District Branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau received a call from grandma Wang, who claimed that her son had quarreled with her for no reason.Police patrol Jiang Yongtao immediately rushed to the scene to check the situation.It turned out that Mr. Li, the son of Grandma Wang, came home late the night before and played loud music, which affected the rest of the two old people in the family. In the morning, he had a conflict with Grandpa Li because of hygiene. Two things put together, Mr. Li quarreled with his parents.In his flimsy pajamas, Mr. Li confronts his parents in the living room.”Eldest brother, we are all family, and we need to temper ourselves. It is still in the middle of the First lunar month. What can a family have to say about it?There is no right or wrong in a family. Family members need to understand and tolerate each other.”Grandma Wang quietly listening to Jiang Yongtao, was silent, but when jiang Yongtao advised Mr. Li to buy a headset, the mood suddenly came up, said Mr. Li headphones, feel that his son is so adult or not sensible, not considerate of parents, the more said the more sad.”Auntie, listen to me. It’s normal for families to quarrel with each other. It’s not normal if one day you find there is no one in the family to quarrel with.My parents often quarrel at home, so I tell them that a family is a family with a father, mother and children. How can a family be a family without them?When people are angry, they can say anything, but when they are angry, they pass away. What conflicts can a family have?”Hearing this, Grandma Wang and Grandpa Li nodded, Mr. Li was silent, Jiang Yongtao made persistent efforts, because he did not go home for two years and his parents together moved out, in order to tell Mr. Li to cherish the opportunity to parents in the side, family harmony to everything.Xu Is Jiang Yongtao’s words deeply touched Grandma Wang, grandma Wang said that she wanted to find a police son-in-law for her granddaughter who was reading college. She hoped jiang Yongtao would help introduce her. Jiang Yongtao also nodded and agreed.Liu Xianguo, the police officer in charge of the community, visited Grandma Wang’s home at the first time after learning about the situation, and had an in-depth exchange with Mr. Li again, hoping that Mr. Li could understand the elderly, family harmony is more important than anything else.Source: Hangzhou Public Security Editor: Li Bin