3-5!Retain championship suspense!Radish once won 5 games +3 break 100, master Huo to avoid being slaughtered

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Barry Hawkins and Neil Robertson compete for the 2022 Snooker Players Championship.Barry Hawkins took the first stage with 91 points, but then Neil Robertson went crazy and won 5 frames in a row and broke 100 by 3 strokes in a row. The turnish state went up and down, and Master Huo won the last 2 frames in a row to avoid being butchered.Neil Robertson has played Barry Hawkins 26 times in his career, with Radish leading Master Huo 16-10.Neil Robertson has won his last five meetings, beating Barry Hawkins five in a row.This season, Neil Robertson met Barry Hawkins once in the Final of the Snooker Masters, with Neil Robertson winning 10-4!Currently, Neal Robertson is ranked 4th in the world.Neil Robertson was superior to Barry Hawkins in every way.It has been five years since Barry Hawkins last won a title in snooker and is known as one of the most famous players in the game.Barry Hawkins got off to a good start with a 91.However, Neil Robertson quickly fought back, winning the second set 64-18, the third 75-55 and then breaking 100 107 and 105 to win the fourth and fifth sets in succession.The sixth round, Neil Robertson continued to crazy performance, is a break a hundred and 130 clear stage, this is the turnip’s third break a hundred in a row, completely is an exhibition game, Master Huo sat down to drink water, did not get up.Finally, it wasn’t until the seventh inning that Neil Robertson made the game’s first change-up, and Barry Hawkins took advantage of the opportunity, as Master Hall needed a top performance to keep his title hopes alive.However, master Huo or because of the position of the attack interrupted.With another long drive, Barry Hawkins was back in the game, extending his lead to 60-0, but not over the mark.Neil Robertson missed the long post again and was fortunate not to leave the opposition a chance to continue the defensive battle.Neil Robertson failed for the third time and Master Fok stopped the rot after losing five games in a row.Obviously, Neil Robertson’s offensive accuracy is slipping and that’s an opportunity for Barry Hawkins.In the eighth frame, Barry Hawkins took advantage of Neil Robertson’s cue ball to break 100 for 137!Down 3-5 at the end of stage one, Barry Hawkins won the last two games in a row to stay in the race for the title!