Liver function is abnormal, transaminase is tall to 452, how is half an year time dropped to 39?Worth learning

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Zhang, 55, said he would rather cash in on a physical examination arranged by his company before he retired. He has always been in good health, so there is no use in having a physical examination without any reason.But the results left him a little confused.Tests showed that he had abnormal liver function, and the transaminase had risen to 452.Why do transaminase levels rise so much?When examining liver function, transaminase level can be seen.These are different enzymes, and the main function of these enzymes is to participate in the metabolism of proteins and to convert these proteins into effects that the body can absorb and provide nutrition for the body.However, under the influence of a number of factors, the transaminase level may be elevated.And the degree of transaminase elevation is often associated with the degree of liver damage.The more elevated the transaminase, the more severe the liver damage.Generally speaking, in transaminase exaltation did not exceed 3 times of normal numerical value, more suggest everybody recuperates life, fall transaminase.This kind of mild transaminase elevates likelihood and stay up all night, intense motion, overworked wait about.If people can find the reason in time, and adhere to the adjustment of living habits, is expected to gradually reduce the transaminase.But zhang’s condition is apparently unrelated to this slight elevation of transaminase.Zhang is known to be overweight and has a drinking habit.Drink a little wine, keep his liver damaged.As a result of these factors, his liver has been deeply damaged.After hearing the news, he was afraid that his liver would affect his health. In order to protect his liver, he made three changes.Insisted for half a year or so, and then went to the hospital to review, the transaminase had dropped to 39.By standards, it is back to normal, which is to be congratulated.So what has he changed?Lao Zhang used to be devoted to his work, but considering his old age and poor health, he didn’t force himself even though the company wanted him to train some new people.Instead, you take more time for yourself, give yourself time off, and feel better and healthier.Since he was young, Lao Zhang has been in the habit of drinking a little wine when he has nothing to do.This habit has not changed.But after seeing the results of his own tests, he decided to stay on the wagon.The wine bottles and glasses at home were locked up, and the old friend’s wine bureau was pushed again and again.When he persisted for a month, he also felt very difficult, but after the temptation of drinking, he gradually found that his body felt much better.Sleep better and eat better.Change three: Start to pay attention to health Preservation Compared to him who always thought he was in good health, after the physical examination, he began to realize that some small changes in his body were the alarm of his health.He found that he always had abdominal distension and abdominal pain, and was willing to go to the hospital for regular check-ups and pay attention to his health.The doctor prepared for him to reduce some transaminase drugs can also be strictly in accordance with the doctor’s instructions to take, and a detailed record of their own medication after the reaction and some side effects.This is very helpful for doctors to adjust the dosage.From abnormal liver function, the transaminase was as high as 452, and after half a year or so, it was reduced to 39. His liver-protecting habit is actually worth learning by many people.It seems so simple, but not many people stick to it.Reference data: 1, in the report of physical examination “transaminase” on the high side, what to mean?What should I pay attention to?2. What does the “transaminase” in the physical examination report mean?3. Remember 10 taboos of health preservation for patients with liver disease