Sisters apart 50 years, the elder sister want to find younger sister, younger sister’s attitude is tough: you don’t top me this to find affection

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What is affection?Some people say that the family is invisible, can not say what he is like;Some people say that the family is priceless, the price of nothing in the world comparable to her;Some people say that the family is selfless, nothing in the world than she can sacrifice themselves;More people say that the family is endless, your life all the time not feel his existence.However, although the family is valuable, but the most hurt people than the cold and deception between relatives, the world, how many people are hurt by the family.Especially for those children whose parents have given them away, they know what it feels like to be abandoned.One, the mother died, less than 100 days of sister was sent, 55 years old female want to find her sister Fang Xiaoxia 55 years old this year, with her daughter and son-in-law settled in Harbin, the home opened two restaurants, annual income over a million, all said that recalling bitter sweet, rich life Fang Xiaoxia, often recalled the past bitter days.Fang Xiaoxia said, her hometown in Wuchang Longfengshan, the family rely on farming for a living, when the mother suffered from a serious heart disease, in the birth of the youngest daughter Xiaohong one hundred days later, suddenly died of a heart attack, leaving the five-year-old daughter Xiaoxia, nearly three years old son Xiaodong, and is still nursing Xiaohong.When she was a child, she remembered the day her mother died. She was carried out of the thatched hut with a board on the floor and her father’s large cotton shoes were gone.After the mother was buried, the father asked a friend to give the youngest sister to a family in Harbin because he was forced to live.All she remembered was that her sister’s mother worked in the post office and her father was a fashion designer. Now she only wanted to see her little sister, even to see her a little chat before she died.Go up century 80 time, Fang Xiaoxia married Harbin, the neon flashing that faces metropolis, traffic is heavy, she always remembers hometown, more can think the close younger sister that lives in the same city, she vaguely remembers the younger sister Xiaogong that wraps in small quilt always close small mouth, and like to laugh especially.Even if time elapses, time changes, that strong flesh and blood affection in the heart did not dilute however, through inquire after turning, Fang Xiaoxia found the middleman that sends younger sister in those days, he revealed the residence that younger sister Xiaogong is in Harbin.Fang Xiaoxia said, in eight years, her father was still alive, she once looked for a sister, when the father and xiaohong sister’s adoptive father also met, sister’s adoptive father told them, don’t find, she is too small, afraid of affecting their home, and so on after the big I will let you meet.When the sisters met more than 30 years ago, Xiaohong was not yet 20 years old and had just taken over her adoptive mother’s shift to work. At that time, the two sisters only exchanged a few greetings before saying goodbye and never saw each other again.With the growth of age, years of precipitation, Xiaoxia miss his sister more and more.In order to find her sister, she called the local hotline and received several calls from enthusiastic listeners who said she lived in xiaohong’s neighborhood, which made her happy.Fang Xiaoxia faint feel younger sister no longer contact with him, the likelihood is the reason because of her foster parents, for this, Fang Xiaoxia wrote a letter to the foster mother of Xiao Hong designedly.Her letter, she introduces his own father, mother, died on the way to go to a doctor, his arms still held less than half a day before he died younger sister, because life is difficult, no lights in the home, lived in a thatched houses, dad is only 20 years old, three children were not mom, dad in helpless to give their youngest sister home.In the letter, she earnestly asked her sister’s adoptive mother to understand what was going on in their family and to let her meet her sister.With sincere letter, with uneasy mood, Fang Xiaoxia accompanied by reporters, came to sister foster parents in the community.Xiaohong foster parents home in the 21st floor, no access to the door card can not go up the elevator, the neighbor told Fang Xiaoxia can go looking for property, property staff heard that she is looking for relatives, also enthusiastic help, but must be agreed by the other party to go up.Contact xiao Hong’s husband after the phone, the other said Xiao Hong do not want to see the Fang Xiaoxia.Wandering downstairs for more than 20 minutes, Fang Xiaoxia do not want to leave like this, when they find the property after the floor, finally knocked on the door of the sister’s house.Devoting twists and turns, Fang Xiaoxia finally saw Xiaohong, but the sister is so strange, her attitude is not only not close, and even some indifference.At home, Xiaohong bluntly, he is 50 years old this year, and the so-called sister has more than 30 years no contact, she is not sure who she is, because she has not met for more than 30 years, when she was 14 or 15 years old Fang Xiaoxia had come to her, now she said bluntly to reporters:”I also do not want to recognize her, I have no contact with her for more than 30 years”, this words let Fang Xiaoxia unexpected, then, why does Xiao Hong not want to recognize her sister?Three, sister refused to claim kinship, tough attitude:You don’t I find this affection XiaoHong some passion, in front of the relatives to find the door, she said angrily, “after I was born, I had nothing to do with her”, this words let xiao-xia fang was speechless, reporters asked her why she angry with sister quickly XiaoHong said, things don’t say that before, you have you, I had my, since we are two parallel lines that never cross.Can be heard, Xiaohong is to resist and her recognition, the reporter asked her whether there is any contradiction between?Xiaohong said the two sides do not have any contradiction, she does not need to mediate, she is so big to Fang Xiaoxia spirit head door recognition some can not understand.Xiaoxia explained that I was more than 50 years old this year and had no relatives. As soon as I got to the middle of the conversation, Xiaohong interrupted me unkindly: “What relatives do you want to have? It has nothing to do with me.I do not receive you this affection “.Ma Xiaohong tone of indifference, resolute attitude, every word is refused and conflict, for Fang Xiaoxia’s identity, let her can not accept, can hear her heart of anger.Fang Xiaoxia did not want to give up this meeting, want to get along with the identity of a friend xiaohong mercilessly cut off “no, we have no contact for more than 30 years, what affection?”Reporters see this situation, quickly from the round, she told Xiaohong, she has a brother, but Xiaohong said “I have never met, never on, never any communication, your mother died, spoke, I escaped, I can only say so”.Said xiao Hong’s voice choked.People all have feelings, as the saying goes, “do not persuade others to be good without suffering.”Listening to Ma Xiaohong’s seemingly unfeeling words, she could capture the pain and resentment in her heart. When her mother died, she gave her away. She thought that her father did not want her, nominally to find her a good family, but who knows whether she is willing to?Fang Xiaoxia explained that her mother died of illness and gave her away.Xiaohong refused to communicate, said to her all kinds of things, do not want to contact with her.The reporter felt puzzled, busy ask fang Xiaoxia to do what let younger sister to her have so big resentment.Xiaohong said that Fang Xiaoxia had gone too far before, and now she did not want this so-called sister to continue to do so, and did not want to have contact with her.Xiao Hong’s tough attitude and full of resentment, let the people present sigh unceasingly, it seems, for their own being sent to this matter Xiao Hong has always been unable to let go, only a cold back to respond to the reunion of long-lost relatives.See sister so, Fang Xiaoxia cried, she suddenly knelt down to her sister, hope her sister to give their face again, but Xiao Hong hide while angrily rebuked her “you don’t whole that, I tell you, don’t whole that”.Reporters and people around her advised her to calm down, after all, her sister knelt down to her, she said to Fang Xiaoxia, I have no affection with you, no love, you go!Fang Xiaoxia cried to tell her sister, if you don’t give her to send people, I’m afraid there would be no her today.Xiaohong replied, “I have to thank you.”Fang Xiaoxia broke down in tears and said, “I didn’t send you, my father sent you.”This more aroused Xiaohong’s anger: “That you please, go!All right!I don’t want to ask you either. “He turned and went into the house, slamming his sister out of the door.Dream about 30 years of younger sister, now in close proximity but far in the horizon, Fang Xiaoxia more think more sad, this outcome is she did not think of, she said, before she did come to the younger sister, is to go to the unit to find her once, sister’s attitude is quite good, but now in this way over.She was holding the handwritten letter she had not delivered, and her tears were again flowing.She failed to meet her sister, but Xiaoxia said she would spend the rest of her life praying for her sister and hoping that Xiaoxia would eventually eliminate her resentment toward her sister and her biological parents and regain her affection.Emotional analysis: see is such an outcome, let a person both sad and feeling, although sister refused to recognize, but this is not necessarily a good result.On the other hand, Xiaohong’s behavior is not wrong, it is their own thing to recognize or not to recognize their relatives, everyone will respect their heart, we do not need to moral kidnapping a 50-year-old person.1, don’t insist, to learn to put down as the eldest brother in the home, Fang Xiaoxia has the responsibility to recognize her sister, although not successful, but this is not against her original intention, after all, she found her sister, also know her life now.As an older sister, she did not feel unworthy of her parents, nor did she feel sorry for her younger sister. After all, she was only five years old when her mother passed away and sent her sister away.Xiaohong’s indifference and resentment should not be directed at her sister, so the lack of communication between the two sides leads to incomprehension and inconsideration.Everyone hopes that the family is eternal, the family is complete, Fang Xiaoxia has done the extreme, since the sister does not want to recognize, also do not have any regret, as long as the sister is well, is a comfort, learn to respect her sister’s choice, learn to put down, let everything go naturally, do not disturb perhaps is the best choice.2. Where did the sister’s resentment come from?What is affection?She is missing the beginning, but there is no end, is a kind of nostalgia for home, a longing for reunion.To know, family, friendship, feelings, love, why love word in the last, because go to the end is the real love!Just as Xiaohong said, after she was born, she had nothing to do with her previous family, which was not unfeeling but a cry and unwillingness from the heart.For XiaoHong home for her is strange and is novel, at the age of 14 or 15, she and her sister, father saw side, I believe that blood family is heart of later elder sister went to the unit to find her, let her know the truth, no matter the parents how to treat her, without parents love children, their heart is fragile and volatile,We can imagine Xiao Hong’s feeling of longing to return home.There’s a saying, where were you when I was sad?Sorry can replace the blank?It was her sister who broke her dream and desire for family love. She must have looked forward to it and thought about it. Only then did she turn from hope to fantasy, from thirst to disappointment, from disappointment to anger, and finally to resentment that she could not afford to wave.In her heart, she is abandoned by her parents of children, think of her to see her, do not need to abandon her, this kind of worry about personal gains and losses of psychological let her no sense of security, day after day disappointment, let her loved ones only hate without love.So what I said was more like a knife to my sister’s heart. More than 30 years have passed, for a 50-year-old person, how much does it matter whether there is family affection?3, if you are well, it is sunny as sister Fang Xiaoxia, can only helplessly look at sister Xiaohong from his more and more far, the intimate relationship between people, always let a person hard to think about, sometimes the door of the heart of relatives has been closed, even if it is close, blood, also can not reluctantly.Some family broken can continue, but some family broken is broken, missed is missed, their well-being is a better outcome.Hope fang Xiaoxia and Xiaohong’s heart, from now on have no regret!