The Park in Shanghai has “reversed its growth” and gained new vitality

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Fumin Economic Development Zone, founded in 1992, is the earliest private economic development zone in Shanghai and even east China.Over the past 30 years, Fumin Park has stayed true to its original aspiration and continued to improve its service capabilities.In the park planning, targeted to strengthen the short board, forging the long board, and constantly enhance the competitiveness of the park.Now, Shanghai Qingpu District Liantang town of the old private economic development zone, is breaking the cycle to achieve “reverse growth”, coruscated with new economic vitality.In recent years, with the support of the integration strategy of Yangtze River Delta and the radiation of the development opportunity of Great Hongqiao, Qingpu District of Shanghai, located at the junction of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, has pressed the key of accelerated development and become a hot investment destination in the southwest of Shanghai.So, in qingpu district of numerous industrial economic parks, which park is the enterprise can not miss it?He Huoren recommends fumin Economic Development Zone to you.In 1992, Fumin Private Economic Development Zone was established. 图 source: Network Here witnessed the vigorous development of Private economy in Shanghai, where billionaires were born in the 1990s, and here summarized a set of “fumin mode” serving private enterprises very early…Located in Liantang Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai, Fumin Economic Development Zone is the representative of the private economic development zone in the 1990s.▲ Fumin Park is located in Liantang Town, Qingpu District, which is located in the southwest of Shanghai, bordering songjiang District in the east, Jinshan District in the south, and Jiashan County in the west.Road network in all directions, water and land transportation is very convenient, shenjiahu expressway, Shanghai-Hangzhou expressway respectively through the border;Liantang station of Shanghai-Suzhou Lake high-speed railway is under construction, which will further improve the traffic level of Liantang Town after it is completed and opened to traffic.At present, liantang town has 68 industrial enterprises, 56 high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, 25 “specialized and special new” enterprises in Shanghai, and 2 “little giant of science and technology” enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.Therefore, in general, the economy and society of the town where the fumin Park is located are developing at a high quality and high speed.After 30 years of development, fumin Economic Development Zone has formed and improved the unique “fumin mode” of “unified planning, integrated development, supporting policies, optimized services, independent management and comprehensive management”, and created a strong fumin brand and set up a fumin image.(ii) Resources and Policy Advantages Fumin Economic Development Zone is now welcoming more market subjects to venture and invest with its superior location, preferential policies and high-quality services.In fumin Economic Development Zone, with the help of “One Window pass” to apply for enterprises, the process is simple, easy to handle;In Fumin Economic Development Zone, enterprises can enjoy relevant tax policy support;For example, 6% VAT will be applied to modern services such as R&D and technical services, information technology services, and authentication and consulting services, as well as warehousing, logistics and express delivery.Industrial production/processing, repair and repair industries, etc., VAT 13%……In fumin Economic Development Zone, the industrial policy/talent policy of Shanghai and Qingpu district is implemented.For “technological innovation, quality excellence, integration and wisdom, green pioneering, cluster creation” category of enterprises, Shanghai, Qingpu District respectively issued a special support policy: for example, if the enterprise obtained the Shanghai “science and technology little giant” certification, then the enterprise as a technological innovation enterprise, the highest can be awarded 3 million yuan;For example, if the enterprise as a green pioneer enterprise, or qingpu District circular economy special support, the maximum reward of 2 million yuan……(3) Upgrading of Enterprise service Advantages Nowadays, fumin Park has established a three-in-one service mechanism of “attracting investment — raising business — protecting business” to provide high-quality guarantee for the development of enterprises.For enterprises registered and settled down, fumin Park implements the first touch responsibility system.From the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, the first contact with the staff, one to one, pair up, fully responsible for the enterprise in the process of development.First touch investment attraction service, intimate and warm customers.In order to respond to the demand of merchants in the first time, fumin investment staff will visit enterprises regularly to strengthen the contact with enterprises.Nanny-style care services, keen to promote development.The staff of Fumin Merchants will visit the company every month to answer questions on various policy issues concerned by the company, so as to build long-term trust and cooperation.Straight-through service, sincere change of trust.In the future, fumin Economic Development Zone will continue to optimize the business environment, realize the “reverse growth” development of the park, and radiate new economic vitality.”Gate of Shanghai, international hub”, this is the historical mission entrusted to Qingpu by the new era, and also belongs to the historical opportunity of enriching people’s economic development zone!